23 September 2021

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Campaign Chunk – The Emperor’s Delight

Campaign Chunk – The Emperor’s Delight

The Imperial vineyard is well know across the world for its unique grape that produces a distinct flavor when made into red wine. First made over 300 years ago, the wine, know as Emperor’s Delight, is a fruity red and is considered by connoisseurs to be the finest of its type. This, in addition to the fact it is only grown in one region by one company, makes it one of the most expensive as well, with bottles fetching prices into 4 figures or more.

Collectors from around the world buy up the bottles, with certain years being worth more than others for various reasons, such as the nature of the grape, the colouration, or as in one famous incident when one of batches had the label on upside down.

A drinking and appreciation festival, Winefest, is held each year to promote the wine and local farmer’s markets, with a particular product being the highlight of the festival along with the wine. The “Companion Food” gains popularity and will often be a sought after dish to go along with the wine.

Hooks & Rumours

  • Several attempts at trying to grow the grape outside this region have failed. Even the current owners wish to expand their vineyard , but can’t do so. Investigators are called in to try to explain this.
  • A massive stash of ED has been discovered hidden away and is now flooding the market driving down the prices.
  • A cheap knock-off has entered the market claiming to be from the same grape. Only¬†experts can tell the difference. Who is making this and where?
  • Recently a small aphid like creature has been discovered in the vineyard. This feeds on the plants and can ruin them. Problem is it is not native to the region and does not migrate or move much on its own.
  • The most expensive bottle, the ’08 as it is known, is so rare only 5 remain in the world. One is going on auction soon from the Imperial vineyard themselves and the characters are asked to provide security at the event.
  • There has been several complaints over the last few Winefests, with accusations that the chosen “companion food” is being decided not by merit, but my bribes and behind the scene deals.

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Article Used as Inspiration: Cabernet Sauvignon

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