29 July 2021

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Campaign Chunk Volume 12.06 – Penguin


Campaign Chunk Volume 12.06 – Penguin

Penguins are sea-birds, in that they can use their wings to ‘fly’ underwater, but they cannot fly in the air. 17 different species of penguin recognised as living in the world today, from the Emperor to the Rock Hopper and they are only found naturally in the southern hemisphere, in areas like Antarctica, New Zealand, southern Australia, South Africa and South America. Almost all penguins possess a white belly and black or other very dark coloured back. What surprises many people to know, is that they have very good hearing, making it harder for predators or others to sneak up on them.

The largest adult penguin can stand up to 110 cm tall and weigh around 40 kilograms, with the smallest adults being approximately 32 cm tall. They breed generally only in summer and many species mate for life.They have an incubation period of between 1 month and 2 months, depending on the species of penguin. The King and Emperor species lay one egg, with the others laying two. A baby penguin called a chick, will stay with one of its parents whilst the other, normally the female goes hunting for fish, squid, and krill. This period may range from seven to nine weeks for Adélie chicks to 13 months for king penguin chicks.

Although they are known to be rather ungracefull and waddle on land, it is in the sea that their evolutionary adaptions allow them to shine. The colouration on their bodies makes it harder for those attack from above to spot them and to partially hide them from their prey below. Thier “wings”, almost useless on land can propel them at high speeds underwater, with one species spotted going 22 mph.

Hooks & Rumours

  • During a televised expedition to the North Pole, a penguin was spotted walking past the camera. Many are assuming this penguin was deliberately brought to the NP as a prank, but a few have suggested that it was, in fact, a new breed. The race is now on to find and bring back that penguin for further study or to return it to its natural habitat.
  • What is believed to be a new species of penguin has been spotted that resembles the Emperor penguin. What makes it stand out is it’s blood-red beak and the fact it is seen aggressive attacking predators. This would be nothing more than a scientific curiosity if it wasn’t for the repeated reports that are coming in about the so-called “Bloody Emperor” eating the flesh of other animals. There are even reports of them attacking and eating the inhabitants of other penguin colonies.
  • A popular zoo has been broken into twice in one month. The first time, its 25 penguins were stolen. Then, 3 weeks later, the zoo was broken into again, only this time all the penguin were returned, along with 4 new adults. No-one has yet been caught and the zoo keepers insist there is something “off” about the new penguins.
  • A man was caught trying to smuggle penguin eggs into the country to sell. As yet, he has not revealed who his buyer was to be, but clues seem to indicate it is someone not only wealthy but rather well known in the region.

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