27 September 2021

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Campaign Chunk – Pilot Whale

Pilot Whales, mother and calf, Kona, Hawaii.
Pilot Whales, mother and calf, Kona, Hawaii. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pilot Whale
Pilot whales are cetaceans, which includes the marine mammals commonly known as whales, dolphins, and porpoises. They are classified into two species, long-finned and short finned. Pilot whales range in waters nearly worldwide, with long-finned pilot whales living in cold waters and short-finned pilot whales living in tropical and subtropical waters. They primarily eat squid , with some fish being consumed as well.

The long-finned species can have the females grow up to around 6 meters and weighing around 1300 kg, with the males being larger and heavier at around 7.5 meters and 2300 kg. The short finned have the males at 5.5 meters and the females smaller at around 3.5 meters. The ages for both species tend to be around 45 for males and 60 for females.

Commercial fishing and hunting of both species, like many whales has been banned for the majority of the world, although some small hard to reach islands still hunt them, but only for survival and as long as it is within range of their home islands. All other hunting has been banned and this practice has allowed not only a small island nation to survive, the whale population as a whole, as their numbers have recorded as starting to rise again.

Hooks & Rumours

  • A beach which had Pilot whales regular beaching has had, for the first time since recording begun, no whales beach themself, even
    though they are still in the area. In fact they are refusing to come anywhere near the beach.
  • A study of the whales vocalisation has picked up a major shift in the local population. It appears to be getting more urgent and distressed.
  • A new mutated pilot whale of the long finned variety has been discovered on a beach with an extra fin growing on it’s back. This extra fin has a hard crest along its front side that resembles bone and has a slighty serrated edge to it.
  • Despite protests, a restaurant the specialises in whale based food has opened in a nearby city. The outcry at this and their obvious demands for the whale meat has been leading to some heated encounters, not only with the owners and staff, but with those who are choosing to visit the establishment.
  • There is believed to a pod of whales that has both the   and short finned variety swimming together. If confirmed, this could change the established beliefs about the animals behavior.
  • There is a persistent rumour of a “Whales Graveyard”, somewhere nearby. If true and if discovered it could provide a wealth of both information and resources.
  • A pod of male short-finned pilot whales has been spotted hanging around a wreck of a cruise ship that sunk 2 years ago. Despite being driven off many times they keep coming back and circling the wreck.
  • A local tribe that hunt the whales for survival and have been allowed to do so in their ancestral waters, has recently discovered several individuals belonging to a private company trying to infiltrate them and discover the location of their hunting grounds. These individuals and the company they work for are currently being investigated by the authorities.
  • The scientists who published the study about the whale population have gone missing. It is believed that there was about to blow the whilst on the fact that their last report, which boosted the numbers of both species of pilot whale, was in fact paid for by those who wish the hunting ban to be lifted.

Inspired by : Pilot Whale

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