20 September 2021

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A small keep, crumbling and in disrepair. It is surrounded by a crenelated wall. Banners flying over the ramparts are of two green falcons and four blue crosss on a silver field.
Occupants: Milady Dagkos Crismyraren of the Plains, Baroness of Aldabul, and her house.
Castle Hauntings: (2)
Haunting 1
Upon entering a room, a character finds himself in the castle’s past during some chilling event, such as a murder or a battle. When the character leaves the room, it returns to normal, but any items the character may have picked up and any damage he received remains. This is a powerful form of a poltergeist’s phantom shift
Time of Haunting: Every night when Lunitari is full.

Haunting 2
A hidden desk drawer contains a long-lost letter from a dead castle occupant. If another letter is placed in the drawer, it is delivered to the dead person in his or her own time. Limited communication between the centuries is thus possible.
Name: Jovena the Infected Tail-flinger
Race: Adult male human
Alignment: Neutral
Class: cleric of Al-Kalim (YLA IER IOD) / eldritch knight Level: 2
Deity: Atzanteotl (SHA BRO HIN UND OCH)

Initial Reaction: Friendly

Size: Medium build. Weight: Average.
Hair: Dark Brown, short and wavy
Eyes: Black
Skin: light, smooth
Clothing: clean peasant’s outfit (loose shirt and baggy breeches, or a loose shirt and skirt or overdress. Cloth wrappings are used for shoes.).
eye patch (right).
beard and moustache (moderate and clean).
Quirk: Bows before speaking and after
Personality: Servile

Origin: this country.
Languages: Hattian, Thyatian, Daro, Common of Pirate Isles, Gnome, Common of Darokin.
Occupation (past or present): trapper (catches animals with traps)
Recent Life Event: Stopped speaking to grandfather (named: Grugosh).

Things known:
Rumor: A weaver shop has burnt to the ground.
Legend: When the gods walked the earth, one such power set up a winter encampment atop the Mountain of Snow, forgetting that his mortal retainers would die of cold. None of these retainers left their patron’s side as they froze to death. The god, struck by their loyalty, turned the mountain into a tomb for his servants, who can still be seen encased within its ice.
Time of Haunting: Every day of Nuwmont (1st month).

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