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[World Anvil] – Tembius – Time & travel/movement

Tembius – Time & travel/movement

“Watch your words foolish one. You know who I am and what I am capable of. Through the power of my God I can not only kill you, but make it so you never existed and every last particle of you would be aware as He unmade your very essence…” 

– High Cleric of Tembius – Battle of Stondar, Legends of Before the Barrier

  Pronunciation : Tem-be-us 


 Like many others, Tembius had another name in their mortal life. Tembius in Terrex means “Explorer” and lends some weight to the stories that that particular Great-House was his home. The god of time, travel, movement and to a lesser degree exploration. When starting on a long journey, it is a common practice to give an offering or to seek his blessing through a quick prayer.  

Early L...

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[World Anvil] – Forge of the Supreme Weapon (repost)

Forge of the Supreme Weapon

Each time she swung her hammer against the metal I swear the sparks would change colour. One moment they are bright red, the next an amazing green, then a sky-blue. I was later told this was the reaction of her hammer and the anvil, moulding the power provided by the flames of the forge itself. Each spark was a manifestation of the Holy Blacksmith into the material plane. Each blow of the hammer was a prayer, each folding of metal an offering. If the smith was worthy and said the right words, Her spirit would become imbued into the weapon or armour, improving the quality of even the most humble of pieces.

 The Forge of the Supreme Weapon (FSW) is an unusual item in that it is used to make other items...

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[World Anvil] – Meavona – Love/Relationships

Meavona – Love/Relationships

“The best relationships you will ever have in life, are those with people you choose to let into your life at the same time they let you into theirs” 

– Typical quote from a Meavona advocate

 Pronunciation : Me-a-vona


 Like all the Second Generation, Meavona was born mortal to a family that, whilst not abusive as such, was negligent. Left alone for most of her childhood, she wandered the streets of her home, the location and details of got removed when she ascended to divinity. What records she did allow to remain tell of a childhood filled with misery and border-line abuse. Meavona original species is believed to have been the so-called halfling.   

Early Life

 At some point, Meavona escaped the border-line abusive family she was ...

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[World Anvil] – Chekchek, god of chaos, chance and luck

Chekchek, god of chaos, chance and luck

“Take a chance, roll the dice….whats the worst that could happen?”

-Common phrase said by those who follow/worship Chekchek

 Chekchek (sometimes spelled Checkcheck) is the god of luck, chance and chaos in all its forms. Many of their followers argue that true neutrality comes from being all things at once. Others believe that the nature of chaos and chance is something that is required for the universe to even function. It comes as a surprise that the god you would expect to be the most “evil” is quite good….in their own way…but you may not enjoy their methods of doing you a good deed. 

Early Life

 As with many others of the 2nd generation of deities, not a lot is known about their early life , apart from that which Chekchek chose to revea...

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[World Anvil] – Ediuan– Law & Order/Justice, honour

Ediuan– Law & Order/Justice, honour

“Without law, there is chaos: From chaos comes destruction, disaster and death…”

    • Precept 1 , Book of Ediuan


Ediuan was born to parents of nobility and high standing. A rich family, respected by many for the legal work they did for other rich families and, unusually for those without the funds. Into this family a child was born with stark white eyes, a major contrast to the black skin of her bloodline. Many saw this as an omen , a sign that Ediuan had been touched by fate and had a destiny to become great. Vert few knew just how great this destiny would be…   
Early Life
As with many of the 2nd generation of deity, only the details that she has passed onto her followers is known...

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