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Simple Prophecy Generator now live

This week generator comes from regular contributor Phil, of Tales of a GM. I saw his latest blog post and thought his idea for a simple prophecy generator was a good one and he kindly let me make it into an online version. Check out the blog post that inspired it here, as it covers it in more detail and shows and it can be used and expanded.

Click on the header in the sample output below to be taken to the generator page.

#1 When the First Fear Command, then the Golden Child will Die.
#2 When the Hidden God Die, then the Last Queen will Die.
#3 When the Cloudy Mountain Die, then the Cloudy Harvest will Sing.
#4 When the Blue City Crumble, then the Stone Fear will Burn.
#5 When the Stone God Fall, then the Stone Kingdom will Arise.

If you have ran...

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Generator Hilight – Backgrounds & Details

As there is no new generator this week (see here for details) I’m highlighting an older one. At the moment it’s the largest one on the site – Background and Details, a sample output can be found below.

Background & Details
Quick Age Mature
Gender Male
Species Human
Profession Butcher
Personality Clever
Family Parents Mother Terminal, close to death
Father Dead
Marital Status Still together, married
Relationship with character Not on speaking terms
Siblings Siblings No siblings
Personal Relationship Personal Relationship In a relationship
Children Children No children
Friends/Enemies Friends/Enemies Practically family with a Male Elf Glassblower who is Accomplished
Physical Details Size/Weight in relation to typical Height
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Demon True Names, Use Names and Titles now live

This weeks generator is a name maker and gives you demon true name, use names and titles.This generator uses information originally found in “Demonic True Names, Use Names & Titles” and can be purchased here at DrivethruRPG and Open Gaming Store, but is not 100% the same due to restrictions in the generator code/system I use,but its close enough.

Click on the link in the sample below to be taken directly to the generator page.

True Name Use Name Title
#1 dhmuyichzaaninmyboazh clawgrope goremark The Destructive
#2 gupp du-ak’ll-abliu by’bu’yu’n’n-yo gropewither fumewight twistslug The Insane
#3 exyemon’nmiyonyrzabh blastblight grabspider The Grim
#4 ch-yufl il-nin wailsqueeze starebuttock The Vile
#5 oybeufleaoaayiykw bladegross burblefist The Revolting
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Traits generator now live

This week we’re back to a semi-normal schedule with a new generator now live. Taken from the BDK2, it’s the turn of traits. This gives you a positive and a negative personality trait for your characters. The downside to this random generation is occasionally you do get apparently contradict results like Quiet and Loud, but with a bit of thought this can still be useful, such as someone alternating between Quiet and Loud radomly.

Click on the link in the table header to be taken directly to the generator page

Positive Trait Negative Trait
#1 Affable Spoiled
#2 Genuine Trust Issues
#3 Resourceful Undependable
#4 Tidy Acts Superior
#5 Gentle Player
#6 Determined Lazy
#7 Loyal Unstable
#8 Resourceful Naive
#9 Modest Spaz
#10 Scrupulous Avoids problems
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Gang Names generator now live

A quick one this week, its the turn of Gang Names getting their own generator

Click here for the generator page
Gang Names
#1 The Silver Western
#2 The Unseen Poison
#3 The Neutral Red
#4 The Invisible Lost
#5 The Bronze Kings
#6 The Bad Back
#7 The Imperial Brown
#8 The Skeleton Dead
#9 The Bronze Azure
#10 The Eternal Eastern


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