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Weekly Update 19th June 2019

How goes it in your corner of the world this week? We got the full-on British “Summer” going on right now. I shouldn’t joke, especially after last year when it was a 4-month long heatwave that put a lot of people in hospital and almost included myself in that.

Had some good and bad things happen this last week. Let’s start with the “bad” get them out the way.

  • Almost had what can be described as an “autistic meltdown” playing Final Fantasy 14 last week. The issue wasn’t with the game, it was full on with me getting frustrated with a particular part. When I did it off stream, still had an issue for a little bit but was able to focus more...
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Wednesday Weekly Update – 5th June 2019

What have I been up to this week:

  • Finished off content for Sci-Fi/Modern Antagonist concept quick generator
  • Have a full on derp moment when I realise I have not made a ship-name generator. The one I’m working on now seems to lend itself well to vessels of a pirate nature
  • Sort out the self-employed tax return – Surprisingly easy. Time-consuming making sure I had all the necessary information to hand, but very easy to file
  • Backed a Kickstarter I really want to be filled – The London Masters Guide  by Sean Hunt,  “A fantasy-themed tour book to England’s most storied city.”
  • Had a nice discussion on twitter about what being ASD is about, even if it was started off by a rather vulgar and misinformed article by another person
  • Watched Good Omens...
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ASD, RPGs and Me

I mentioned in a previous post I had something I needed to get off my chest, as it were. Now there is no need to panic or worry, I just feel I am comfortable enough now with things to let people know something that some would consider being major about myself.

About 3 or 4 years ago, around my 40th birthday, I was tested, then tested again to confirm and the result confirmed that I am on the autism spectrum, hence the ASD in the title. A decade or so ago it would have been classed as Aspergers, but is now ASD. Whilst I cannot say how it affects everyone I can say how it affected my life. Up until I was tested I had thought, and kinda still do but to a MUCH lesser degree, that I was mentally damaged, that I was unlikeable/unlovable for being “the weird kid/person”...

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