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Weekly Update – 31st July 2019

Ohh wee, its a good one this week, so buckle down and prepare thy butts – Or not, it’s not THAT amazing heh.


Nothing new released PDF wise this week as I release them every two weeks. When I started I made one for every week, and whilst I got a lot of work outputed it took it’s toll, both on the quality and my energy and health. Wont be doing that again.

Stuff I have purchased

This for me includes rewards from kickstarters and this week, maybe even today, a ton of items is scheduled to arrived, hope they do and it’s anot another “Whilst you were out” note through the job thing when i work from home and can see anyone coming to the door dang it!

Behind the Scenes

This is probably the biggest one. After some prompting I set up a ko-fi goal (at 42% at time of posting this) to help ...

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Weekly Update – 24th July 2019

Just a quick one this week as it’s hot as heck and promising to get hotter this week. Ling time reader will know that me and heat do NOT get on – it’s meant to hit 37c maybe 38c here tomorrow. I can already feel my brain turning to mush!


Just one item this week, the first in n ongoing series I have dubbed “Helpful List 1k” and is called Helpful List 1K Series – 1 – Fantasy Genre Names.


The Drivethru RPG Christmas in July sale is on for the next few days. Most of Ennead Games items or discounted for the duration. Check them out HERE.

World Anvil

I am almost finished with the WA Summer Camp. Once I have done, then, hopefully, once a week thereafter, probably on a Thursday, I’ll be highlighting an article from there...

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Weekly Update – 3rd July 2019

Another week where not much happened personally but got some stuff done that I wanted to and a bit more.

  • PDF – Got the content done for “Equipment Maker 8 – Ships” and now in the stage of making the document – Should be out for this coming Monday
  • Streaming – Played a bit more Borderlands 2, but the main one Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers, went, well it was the smoothest expansion launch I have ever been involved with for an MMO. Granted the main influx starts now, but, so far I rate it 8/10.
  • World Anvil Summer Camp 2019 – As mentioned yesterday, I started the World Anvil Summer Camp 2019, a link to my page can be found HERE.
  • Books – “Ghosts of Saltmarsh” and “Acquisitions Incorporated” arrived yesterday, with “Descent into Avernus” due in September...
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World Anvil Summer Camp 2019

The awesome World Anvil is running their annual “Summer Camp” which is a month long challenge to writers with 30 prompts to help flesh out the world or game you are creating. World Anvil is, for those who don’t know, World Anvil is an online worldbuilding tool. It’s meant to be used by all kinds of people who are interested in creating worlds, such as authors and game masters. It contains tools, links your articles together in ways that make sense, and helps you to build your world.

I will be *attempting* to make all 30 prompts done by the end of the month, with a goal of one per day. As they are not day locked, if I miss one, then I can do double or so later. I say attempting because I know that sometimes despite my best efforts, my brain and body will sometimes go “nahhhh”...

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Weekly Update 19th June 2019

How goes it in your corner of the world this week? We got the full-on British “Summer” going on right now. I shouldn’t joke, especially after last year when it was a 4-month long heatwave that put a lot of people in hospital and almost included myself in that.

Had some good and bad things happen this last week. Let’s start with the “bad” get them out the way.

  • Almost had what can be described as an “autistic meltdown” playing Final Fantasy 14 last week. The issue wasn’t with the game, it was full on with me getting frustrated with a particular part. When I did it off stream, still had an issue for a little bit but was able to focus more...
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