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[PDF] Name Maker 4 – Elves

Name Maker Volume 4 – Elves

Names are important. They help differentiate individuals from each other. Some say that knowing a creature’s true name can even give you some kind of power over them.

It can be one of the hardest parts of creating a character and this problem is what the Name Maker series is designed to elevate.

There are many types of elves out in the universe, and this publication offers one possible solution to your naming issues.

Inside this volume:

  • 2 x d100 tables for feminine first names
  • 2 x d100 tables for masculine first names
  • 2 x d100 tables for the family name in elvish
  • 4 x d100 tables for the family name translated into the common tongue 2 x prefix and 2 x suffix)

With this, you can have 1,600,000,000 possible combinations!

Example Possible Names:-


  • Anast...
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[New Generator] – Poison Details

A new generator has just gone live – this time covering poisons! It can give you outputs like this –

Illuminated Kiss

Effect (Primary) : Sunlight sensitivity
Effect (Secondary) : Breathing Issues
Application Method : Injected
Container : Vial
Form : Dark Blue Gas – thick/heavy
Preparation : Mixed with targets salvia
Rating : 75
Duration of effect : 1d10 hours
Ingredient 1 : Milk (sour/gone off)
Ingredient 2 : Fish
Smell : Pipe smoke
Taste : Sugar


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[EGPrompts] – An Introduction to the EGPrompts

Last week, there was what appeared to be a random post with [EGPrompts] in the title. That was a test for something I was running where a short post is made on Twitter about an RPG or story related hook. For these purposes, I am classing a “hook” as an item, a plot, a location or anything else in one sentence that helps to give you an idea or something to work on and expand. Officially, starting today, I will be posting these to my twitter with the hashtag #EGPrompts. As a bare minimum there will be one per Wednesday, but quite often be more. One thing I am trying to sort is to get it so the IFTTT app posts something to the WordPress blog rather than just [EGPrompts], which looks quite boring, especially if I post several in one day.

There is, generally speaking, not going to be an over...

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Back to the grindstone :)

Welcome into 2019, hope your new year was a good one. Will be streaming again tonight with “Just Cause 4”, assuming i can set things up correctly (at in case you didn’t know at 6pm GMT).

In other news have found something interesting in random generator making – Perchance ( ). It seems a much easier system for creating tables and using them compared to Java script etc, however it does have one possibly major flaw in that if the site goes down, the gen will stop working – Will admit I may have read the details wrong, but if there is a way around that, such as local hosting, then this may have to be the way new gens will be made going forward...

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Last post of the year

As this is the last day of 2018 (and for some, by the time you read this it might be 2019 – in which case hello the future!) Just thought I’d say thanks for putting up with me and my shenanigans throughout the year. “Normal” service will resume around the 2nd January when I start posting properly/streaming again, with the newest episode of STA: Damocles on the 5th as well. I hope your year is a good one and may the dice roll ever in your favour!

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