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Wednesday Weekly Update – 5th June 2019

What have I been up to this week:

  • Finished off content for Sci-Fi/Modern Antagonist concept quick generator
  • Have a full on derp moment when I realise I have not made a ship-name generator. The one I’m working on now seems to lend itself well to vessels of a pirate nature
  • Sort out the self-employed tax return – Surprisingly easy. Time-consuming making sure I had all the necessary information to hand, but very easy to file
  • Backed a Kickstarter I really want to be filled – The London Masters Guide  by Sean Hunt,  “A fantasy-themed tour book to England’s most storied city.”
  • Had a nice discussion on twitter about what being ASD is about, even if it was started off by a rather vulgar and misinformed article by another person
  • Watched Good Omens...
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Weekly Update – 29/05/2019

I want to say it’s been a fairly quiet week, but have got quite a few things done:

  • Had small panic attack when I realised I had 100% forgot to do a cover for “Empire Builder – Fortifications”
  • Sorted that out and released the aforementioned PDF – which has done ok so far
  • Started work on next PDF – another Quick Generator about Antagonists Concepts, this one themed around sci-fi types
  • Streaming – STA – Had a good storyline start things off that might have permanent repercussions for one of the players with an idea that we’re bouncing between us. This is something I absolutely love when it happens in a game when a player approaches the GM and says something like “I have an idea regarding (x)”
  • Semi-released the Deck of Decks...
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Deck of Decks

A long time ago on my now defunct patreon, I created what can be described as the “deck of decks” – A magic item that takes the original deck of many things and cranks it up. Each card/entry from the main deck leads to another deck (hence the name Deck of Decks)

It was planned on being released and may do in the future, but after a chat with a few people on twitter yesterday I was asked if I can share it. So I am.

Be warned it is very crudely designed and in its current form is not suitable for sale. BUT if there is enough interest I will see if I can get it quality improved and ready for general release, but that’s a “project for the future”. Think of this as basic play-test material.

Feel free to share it or use it with others...

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[PDF] Empire Builder – Fortifications

Empire Builder Fortifications

Populate and protect your empire with fortifications

You finally have your empire, or “acquired” one. You now have to deal with pesky bandits or those who seek to usurp your rule. You may encounter a fortification of some kind on your adventures, or you may even be the one that is doing the invading on behalf of your Queen!

Whatever the reasons for finding one, a fortification covers a few things, from castles to defensive walls and more. This publication gives you the basic details of the fortification, a starting point from which to build and customise for your own world.

Disclaimer – This publication gives you the outline for a fortification. The exact layout and look will need to be decided by you, although a rough guide is given to help you.


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Wednesday Update – 22nd of May 2019

Work is progressing nicely on the current PDF for release next week. It will be called “Empire Builder – Fortifications” and gives you a basic set of details regarding fortifications, which covers walls, towers and so on. It won’t be “all you will ever need” type of pdf, as I would not have the time or energy to do that, but like other PDFs I have done, a good starting point or to help you fill in the blanks.

In other news it seems I am currently spoilt for choice now with regards to Word/Phrase lists, as the thought occurred to me that I don’t have to limit myself to just a single word. I can have the “Assorted Slang and Terminology” put into lists to help promote them, World and character building prompts and so on.

As before, I am still looking into and searching for any other companies...

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