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Christmas in July Sale

The Christmas In July Sale has started at DrivehtruRPG – At the time of posting this it will be on for another 12 days. Almost all of Ennead Games PDFs that are on sale there are reduced for the duration 25%.


Titles on sale include…



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No new PDF this week

No new PDF this week as I am trying to take things easy at the moment – mentally exhausted from lots of things (plus RL health issues are flaring up again..yay! ūüôĀ¬† ). The Random Dungeon Generator is still on a planned release for the first Monday in May and I am hoping to get at least something out for next week, even if its an extended 1K (1000) Helpful List or something.

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Random List – Government types (and last few days of GMS Sale)

A two-parter today – First the list below which gives 20 types of rulers/governments that you may not have heard of before.

The second is that the GMs Day sale is ending soon and Ennead Games has many items discounted on both DrivethruRPG and Open Gaming Store. But , as the adverts say, hurry before the offers end.

D20 Government
1 Anarchy – Government By None
2 Anemocracy – Government By The Wind Or By Whim
3 Barbarocracy – Government By Barbarians
4 Corpocracy – Government By Corporate Bureaucrats
5 Cottonocracy – Government By Those Involved In The Cotton Trade
6 Heptarchy – Government By Seven People
7 Isocracy – Equal Political Power
8 Jesuitocracy – Government By Jesuits
9 Logocracy – Government Of Words
10 Mesocracy – Government By The Middle Clas...
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Almost caught up/work done

Things have gone quite smooth (touches wood) so far this week with regards to catching up on things. All but two projects have been recovered and restored to the state they were before the HD crash and having to get a new work machine. One, a quick generator, is going to have to be re-done from scratch. The other is my sessions/season plan for Star Trek Adventures. The last is not an issue as much as it sounds РI have had some ideas about other ways of doing things and this is giving me the perfect opportunity to get the groundwork sorted in a better fashion.

All in all, things have, considering the shenanigans of the last couple of weeks, gone much smoother.

I do have one small bit of sad news though  РPhil from Tales of a GM is retiring his blog, so this means no more posts on Saturd...

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Patreon Plug Time

Now that Patreon has backtracked on their decision to change their fee structure, I feel like it would be an appropriate time to plug my own patreon, which can be found HERE.

To briefly summarize it:

  • There are 4 tiers
    • Tier 1 – $1
    • Tier 2 – $3
    • Tier 3 – $5
    • Tier 4 – $10+
  • Tier 1 is the basic “Tip” level you get 1 “free” pdf a month plus access to the patron only posts, plus if you need help creating something simple, that can be summarised in one or two sentences I’ll help you or do it for you.
  • Tier 2 gets you¬†the T1 rewards plus what I’ll help you with is expanded
  • Tier 3 gets you T1 and T2 and is expanded further with what I can help you with
  • T4 is more for sponsorship or advertisement levels for the generator pages
  • The current Patron-exclusive project is called the “Deck of Decks” – Lik...
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