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Streaming Update and Jingle Jam 2018

For those who don’t know, I do run a small regular stream on Twitch. I stream most days covering, well, essentially games I like playing. I try not to be a “the latest fad” gamer unless its one of those games I have been really wanting to play and managed to get a copy. I also run a bi-weekly game of “Star Trek Adventures” from Modiphious, which is heavily home ruled – but that’s not a fault with the game, just for my benefit.

Anyway onto the point of this post. Next month a group you may have heard of called The Yogcast are running their annual Jingle Jam – A month-long charity drive partnered with Humble Bundle in which they offer up a collection of games and so on for various charities. Last year alone, they managed to raise $5.2 million dollars!

So, for December I want to try and “do...

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Generator News and Snipit-Preview of ASOT Occult and Magic

Got some goodish news regarding the creation of the new generators – I *think* I found a system using javascript that should do what I want it to do and with a bit of creativity I think have come up with a way to help speed things up. I’ll be keeping the old generator pages active, but the main page will be replaced with a new one that I’ll be adding links and so on to it as time goes by. As I said before, it won’t be an every-week kind of thing like it was before, but when I can add one I will, at least to begin with.

As the title suggested, got another snippet preview of one of the entries for the upcoming “Assorted Slang or Terminology – Occult & Magic” pdf


A pagan deity revived in the 19th century as a figure of Satanism...

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State of Things – A Ennead Games/Blog Update

What’s this? A blog update? But I thought it had been abandoned I hear you cry!

Worry not! This blog post is, as the name suggests, a way for me to update you about how things are going and what I am doing about stuff for the future.

First things first – Unless my financial situation goes really belly up, the blog and the generator will not be going anywhere (more about that later). The last few weeks, well, months if I am brutally honest, I was on the verge of burning out along with some other mental health issues. So, I wound things down, like with my workload for EG and the blog.

Whilst I don’t want to say I am back to full strength, mentally speaking, I am doing better, but will still have to take things easy...

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Christmas in July Sale

The Christmas In July Sale has started at DrivehtruRPG – At the time of posting this it will be on for another 12 days. Almost all of Ennead Games PDFs that are on sale there are reduced for the duration 25%.


Titles on sale include…



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No new PDF this week

No new PDF this week as I am trying to take things easy at the moment – mentally exhausted from lots of things (plus RL health issues are flaring up again..yay! 🙁  ). The Random Dungeon Generator is still on a planned release for the first Monday in May and I am hoping to get at least something out for next week, even if its an extended 1K (1000) Helpful List or something.

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