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[Resources] – Handy Reference Websites

This week, the new resources page has two new websites that are handy for you to reference for your games and stories.


This imo, is one of the best out there, especially if you play the Pathfinder roleplaying game. Not only does it have a store (The Open Gaming Store, for which Ennead Games sells pdfs on), but it has a metric ton of material from all the official books, plus many from 3rd party publishers. If you can’t afford the books, or simply want  a handy online refence, this is the #1 place to go. You don’t even have to pay a subscription to use it, but please do consider using the store for your rpg needs as sales from it help to keep the site going.

Superpower Wiki

The super-hero genre has more powers than you think of, Some are god-like, like being able to shape realit...

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Rescource page now live

The new resource page is now live. It’s a little empty right now, but as I mentioned last week, I’ll be adding to it each week as I find or make new resources to use.  If you know of any you’d like to see added to the page, please let me know, via this site or on the various social media platforms. Check out the first one on the page now


Also, my patrons just got another adventure outline as part of their subscription today. Become a patron from $1 a month to get access to this and more.

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Campaign Chunks Volume 13 – Flora and the RPG Round Up


This week see’s the last, in the current format of the chunk series. After the next volume of the RIGS series, The Campaign Chunks series and RIGS will, in effect be merging into one and expanding at the same time, with a new cover and internal format. More details can be found on last Mondays blog post.

Campaign Chunks Volume 13 – Flora

A Campaign Chunk is an item, place or something else that can fit into any campaign or story with little or no modification although some will be more suited to certain genres than others. They have few stats (if any) and help provide starting grounds for adventures or help fill in the gaps when your players go off exploring and you need something for them to do. Each has several hooks or rumour that can be used. Which of these are true and which are false?

Originally first published on the blog/website of Ennead Games, these Chunks have been compiled into a handy volume. Their details may have been cleaned up and more hooks or rumours added to them, but they basically the same.

This volume covers flora, or plants, with fungi or two thrown in for good measure.

Inside you’ll find chunks for…

  • Apples/Apple Tree
  • Baobab tree
  • Giant Redwood
  • Peanuts
  • Puffball Mushroom
  • Rafflesia
  • Red Tide
  • Sunflower
  • Venus Flytrap
  • Wang Peony

Available now at –


Very soon available at – 

Open Gaming Store and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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News – Blog/Site Changes

Warning: Long non-ranty Blog post incoming
TL: DR – Some changes coming to EG after I take a much-needed break.

The last 2 or so years for me has been a major struggle, both financially, physically and emotional. With a couple of deaths of close family members close to each other, my own personal health fluctuating and other issues, it has been a long period of stress, which is now catching up with me.
This is why there is no new releases or RPG roundup this week. After posting this post, I’ll only be posting “re-runs/best/favorites” posts until next Monday.

When I return on the 30th of January, I’ll be starting off some new changes for Ennead Games that will help me in the long term. It mostly concerns the website, but also concerns behind the scenes work as well.

Will stay the sa...

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No gen this week and some other news

No new generator going live this week. I got a lot of work to catch up with, including finishing off the sci-fi version of the adventure outline maker and the latest in the Spell Options series. Plus am planning what will be going on in the new year, once the current Campaign Chunks and RIGS volumes are done. Things should be back to “normal” in the new year.

In other news, Open Gaming Store has a 30% off almost everything sale going on, and that includes Ennead Games

Lastly, in case you haven’t notice, I have updated the rewards at Patreon. Now, starting at only a $ you can get a free PDF most , if not every month, and I can help you with your game and story preparation.

Hope you all have a great holiday season and new year.


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