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[PDF] Quick Generator – Fake Dinosaur Scientific Names

Quick Generator – Fake Dinosaur Scientific Names

Many times, all you need is a quick idea or a concept. Something to help spark your imagination or to just fill in the gaps. You don’t want a huge number of tables and need something reasonably quickly.

This is where the Quick Generator series comes in. The QG series from Ennead Games has, generally, no more than 2 x d100 tables, which can give you 10,000 possible combinations! Some of which may match up with existing ones.

This particular generator gives you fake scientific dinosaur names, along with the meaning of the words, translated from Greek or Latin.

Example output:
Name (rough translation)

  • Acanthoaetosauria (spiny – eagle)
  • Bellugallussaur (beautiful chicken)
  • Streptostruthio (reversed osterich)

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[PDF] Quick Generator – Void Name Generator

Quick Generator – Void Name Generator

The Void – An area of space or reality where nothing exists. It may be a rip in space-time, an area of utter devastation after a war, a place of null-energy where not even the most potent of psionic powers work.

Whatever the cause of it, this type of area can go by many names and this generator helps you to come up with one. With 2 x d100 tables, you can get up to 10,000 possible combinations, with some being more fitting and suitable for your setting than others.

Although designed with a sci-fi setting in mind, this can also be suitable for a fantasy setting and used to describe an arcane rift, or magical devastation etc.

Example output:

  • The Evanescent Harmony
  • The Sanguine Decimation
  • The Ceaseless Nullity

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[PDF] – Rumour Maker – Sci-Fi Edition

Rumour Maker – Sci-Fi Edition

Rumours are the source of many adventures – They can tell you about possible intrigue, fabulous riches, or tall-tales. In worlds of a fantastical-nature, they can be heard in taverns, from passing bards and so-on. A science-fiction based setting has its version of this, from spaceport with travellers from across the galaxy to scoundrels looking to con a gullible rube out of their credits.

The Rumour Generator – Sci-Fi Edition is designed yo help you come up with some rumours, who they were heard from, what juicy gossip they cover and how true, or not, they are.


  • A table to tell you how true or false the rumour is
  • Rumour opener
  • A quick table for the species type
  • Various prefixes for the subject of the rumour (famous, etc)
  • A table for the subject of t...
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[PDF] Quick Generator – SciFi Academy Class Names

Quick Generator – SciFi Academy Class Names

Anyone who joins a space-faring military-like organisation, or wishes to make a name for themselves amongst the stars, needs to bee educated in some way, and as a species spreads itself outwards into the void, the various subjects they might specialise in or that get taught back at home in a prestigious academy increases.

This Quick Generator gives you 2 x d100 tables to quickly come up with a name for those various classes with 10,000 possible combinations.

Although designed with Sci-Fi settings in mind this can also be used for a modern or near-modern setting.

Example Output:

  • Ethical Chaos Theory
  • New wave Engineering
  • Comparative Microeconomics

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[PDF] Deities and Pantheons – Names and Domains

Deities and Pantheons – Names and Domains

Deities and Pantheons was a PDF produced by Ennead Games in 2017. It covered a basic system for creating deities and a pantheon for your fantasy-themed games. This takes the domain list and expands on it.

This supplemental PDF can be used on its own, or, alongside “Deities and Pantheons”. It provides you with 200 gender-neutral names for your deities, along with 400 domains, some general, some similar to each other but subtly different and some very abstract.

Inside you will find…

  • 2 x d100 tables for simple names
  • 4 x d100 tables for domain names

Example deity names

  • Agarus
  • Brudione
  • Cumarus

Example domain names

  • Destruction
  • Entropy
  • Fertlity

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