Category Combat

10 Conflcit Names

  1. Bunnvor the Bogie’s Crusade .
  2. The Halfling Rebellion at Menosira.
  3. The Skirmish of Menosira.
  4. The Healer’s Altercation at Logrid.
  5. Mirithas’s Disturbance .
  6. The 6-Months War.
  7. The Struggle at Menosira.
  8. The 7-Decades Rebellion.
  9. The 7-Generations Skirmish.
  10. The Bandit’s Demonstration of Hardin.


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10 Melee criticals results

  1. The weapon strikes the foe’s helmet, knocking it to the side and making vision more difficult.
  2. You parry a flurry of attacks, then seize the chance for a quick riposte into your foe’s neck.
  3. You sidestep with smooth flowing tactics and easily parry an attack. Spinning with precision, you find an opening and thrust your blade up in between armor plating. Your opponent screams out in pain.
  4. Even with your clumsy hands, you manage to jab your weapon into the face of your foe, who roars in pain.
  5. You thrust into your foe’s side until your blade meets bone. Then with a loud crunch, you push through the ribs further for X damage.
  6. As you strike, your opponent raises an arm, absorbing the hit that would have otherwise have landed squarely on the nape of his neck...
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10 Insults/Challenges

  1. You filth! I’ll send you back to your people in PIECES!
  2. I’ve grown used to Lord Turlan sending fluff-cheeked boys to face adults, armed with toys when only the tools of war will save them. But I did not expect your snivelling, cringing master to send a pompous, cowardly popinjay to challenge me when a brave and honest opponent might have earned my mercy in defeat. Contempt doesn’t begin to describe how I feel for both him and you as you start on your short path to death.
  3. Your foe spits out a gobbet of phlegm and blood, screaming, “I shall stamp you down as I’d stamp a mouse!”
  4. The monster’s roar resounds through the air, echoing off walls and ear-drums before settling in your heart….
  5. Bring some friends, I’ll wait.
  6. I’ve got muscles in places you’ve never even heard of!
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10 Ranged combat Criticals

  1. Your arrow whistles through the air and hits your opponent in the chest. He suddenly inhales and staggers to maintain his balance. You see him looking at the ground with a blank stare as he attempts to regain focus on his surroundings.
  2. The target winces in pain as the shot grazes their thigh and embeds itself in the floor behind.
  3. You curse as your shot goes wide, but your enemy dodges a thrust from a comrade and dances right into your arrow. You hear a yelp of pain as the arrow lodges itself into the enemy’s shoulder.
  4. You slowly squeeze the trigger and send your bolt arcing over the melee chaos, striking squarely through an opening in your target’s armor.
  5. Your shot pierces your target’s lower side, with both the impact and accompanying cry of pain going unheard amongst the din of ba...
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10 Critical Fumbles

  1. Thanks to your short stature, your tower-shield completely covers you while the volley of arrows bounces off the shield’s metallic surface.
  2. Just as practiced, the blow lands firmly on the enemy’s shield, causing no damage.
  3. He parries your attack like you’re hitting a wall. You almost bounce back from the sheer force – this guy is strong!
  4. With a mighty grunt, you thrust your spear at your foe’s exposed belly. But with surprising agility, he sidesteps your lunge and you stumble forward, off-balance from your attack.
  5. With a mighty grunt, you thrust your spear at your foe’s exposed belly. But with surprising agility, he sidesteps your lunge and you stumble forward, off-balance from your attack.
  6. You see an opening and strike, but your opponent twists away from your blow and spins...
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