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CDG 2:Vampires & RPG Round Up for 28th/12/2015

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CDG 2 Vampire cover thumbCreature Description Generator Volume 2 – Vampires

A vampire is a being from folklore who subsists by feeding on the life essence, typically blood, of living creatures. But what do they look like as a member of the undead, what was their life like, how do they feed?

All these aspects and more are covered in this volume of the CDG. The CDG (Creature Description Generator) range is designed with a fantasy setting in mind, but can easily be used for sci-fi or modern/horror settings.

Aspects covered by this Creature Description Generator:-
Apparent previous life: What was the vampire in their previous life before they were turned into the undead?
Bane/Weakness: What causes the vampire harm or can weaken them so they can finally be killed? Not all vampires are repulsed by holy symbols.
Clothing: What is the state of their clothing? Is it in pristine condition? Related to their previous life?
Companions: Is the vampire on their own, or do they have followers and others looking after them?
Features: This aspect covers their eye colouration, skin and anything normally visible.
Feeding: How does the vampire feed once they have caught their prey? What do they feed on?
Home base: Where and what does the vampire call home?
Hunting: Before they feed a vampire need to catch its prey. How does it do that? Where does it hunt? Does it only hunt at a certain time of the year?
Killing Blow: How do you kill off one of these beasts for good?
Main goal: What is the main goal of the vampire now that it is undead?
Movement: How does the vampire primarily move? Does it glide with an unearthly grace, or appear in the shadows?
Powers & Skills: What skills and powers has becoming the undead granted the vampire?
Prey: What does the vampire hunt and what do they refuse to hunt?
Turned: How long ago was the vampire turned into the undead? What was their sire like?
Quirks and Rare Features: What odd personality quirk or rare feature does the vampire possess?

Available at Drivethru now (product link) and and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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Zombie Description Generator now live

This week generator is taken from the Creature Description Generator – Zombies. A sample output can be found below.

Zombie Description
Previous Life Age Child
Gender Female
Species Halfling
Clothing Condition Large bloodied area
Style Loose
Disfigurement/Wound Disfigurement/Wound Back of the skull is missing
Head Ears – L/R Half missing/Intact
Eyes – Colour Grey/blue
Eyes – Condition L/R Unfocused/Blind/Glazed/Vacant
Hair – Colour White
Hair – Condition Caked with blood
Mouth Tongue gone
Nose Obviously Broken
Arm – L/R Elbow broken – arms kept straight/Almost falling off
Hands -L/R Missing Index finger/Missing Index finger
Legs – L/R Lower leg broken/Almost falling off
Feet – L/R Foot split in two/Foot is a stub
Movement Type Lunging
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Campaign Chunk – Monster – Giant Polyopisthocotylea

Monster – Giant Polyopisthocotylea
Other names:The Giant Flatworm, Crawling Sucker, (Something that is not said in polite company)

The Giant Polyopisthocotylea(GP) resembles it’s smaller cousin, except in its size and the fact it has a rather nasty beak-like orifice, which doubles as the creatures waste disposal location. It is roughly half the size of a typical human and found in swampy or very wet areas. They are hermaphroditic with functional reproductive organs of both sexes occurring in one individual. Its prey of choice is any large mammal. In many ways this creature resembles the leech, but it has a grayer tone to its semi-transparent skin.

Where did the worm come from?
The current theory is that exposure to some kind of radiation,, mutated the beasts ancestors...

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Random List – 20 B-Movie Titles

Need some B-movie titles for your horror themed games? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

  1. Adventure to Beyond Hell!
  2. Battle of the Bat She-Beast!
  3. Dawn of the Flying Saucer!
  4. Destination Below!
  5. Earth vs. the Gruesome Troglodyte!
  6. Earth vs. the Killer Vampire!
  7. Earth vs. the Mechanical Apeman!
  8. Hunger of the Unimaginable Robot!
  9. Invasion of Saturn!
  10. It Came From Another World!
  11. Land of the Primitive Giant Lobsters!
  12. Planet of the Murderous Living Corpses!
  13. Return to the Planet of Death!
  14. Revenge of the Amazing Man!
  15. Revenge of the Unknown Beast!
  16. The Caveman that Defied Belief!
  17. The Island of Menacing Living Corpses!
  18. The Island of Satan!
  19. Unimaginable Apemans Vs. The Unstoppable Zombie!
  20. When Cavewomans Attack!
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Random List – Creature Parts

Need a  part of a creature for your mad alchemist to experiment with? Roll a d10 and check below to see what you get!

  1. cask of powdered achaierai talon
  2. carafe of cheetah sweat
  3. basket of Jabberwock scales packed in wood shavings
  4. canister of powdered achaierai talon
  5. canvas sack of powdered Jabberwock claw
  6. alchemical tube of grick bile
  7. leather sack of powdered digester claw
  8. small bottle of baboon tears
  9. hemp sack of powdered halfling bone meal
  10. barrel of girallon hairs packed in wood shavings




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