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[Weekly Update] – November 6th 2019

Been a weird one this week – accidentally somehow locking myself out of a couple of accounts (sorted now)


No new PDFs this week, but the next one, due for release next Monday is from the Quick Generator series and gives you Afterlife Names. Its a bit different from others in that the first 50 entries on table one could be thought of as “good”, such as Golden, Peaceful etc, with the second 50 being more “evil” or dark, such as Bloody, Chaos and so on. The second table, a d100, gives you 100 place names to go with the first, suc as fields, home etc.

World Anvil

The WA article last week was an update to an older one, bringing it in line with the rest of the articles and not being “generic” and is now a part of the lore and world of Easthalen...

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[List] – 20 Space Vehicles

Todays list gices you 20 types of space based vehicles. Some long ranged, other for quick jaunts.

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D20 Starship Concept
1 Automated Command
2 Configerable Relief ship
3 Crude Quarantine vessel
4 Cutting-edge Mobile Refinery
5 Empty Colony
6 Experimental Merchant
7 Fake/Decoy Battleship
8 Heavy-Shielded Salvager
9 Intersteller Dreadnaught
10 Light Courier vessel
11 Light Shielded Seeding vessel
12 Long-Range Fighter
13 Orbital Remote Drone
14 Organic Government vessel
15 Plain Racer
16 Primitive Botany ship
17 Prototype Scout
18 Stealth Generation
19 Underpowered Ramship
20 Well-...
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[List] -20 Ancient Egyptian Names

This week 20 names that were inspired by Ancient Egypt. Some may argue that the people of that era didn’t have surnames, hence why I am saying that this list is inspired by. If you don’t want to use surnames, just take the first name that comes up instead.

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

D20 Name
1 Ahis Adjtari
2 Ahmut Isettepankh
3 Amenru Peshsheptis
4 Hathar Raor-ittep
5 Heperu-hatheri Iynohor
6 Hepimen Djarenar
7 Hetheri Taheru
8 Ibshef Baknohor
9 Ibto Senptah
10 Ipakht Khuor
11 Ipma Pasma
12 Kemmut Asetsa
13 Luxepes Iytuthe
14 Maashef Iukharhis
15 Mehutit Tefkhefpet
16 Memtepma Maaestari
17 Pathys Iskheosh
18 R...
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[Generator] – Antagonist Concept

A new generator just went live – Antagonist Concept.  This particular generator is about coming up with a concept for your antagonist. An antagonist is defined as “a person who actively opposes or is hostile to someone or something; an adversary.”. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are evil or a true “villain” but your players and characters might see them that way.

This particular one is themed around fantasy style settings. I am looking into making a sci-fi themed one soon.


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[Generator] -Mystical Drink Name Generator

Got a new(ish) generator to share with you today – The Mystical Drink Name Generator. This is a simplified version of the PDF of the same name, but a sample output can be found below. It can give you some names for a mystical and powerful drink that can enhance or hinder, not just for potions!

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