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Random List – Sample of 20 Arcane Babble words or phrases

A project that has been on my to-do list for a while is “Arcane Babble Generator” – This is a set of word parts that can be combined to create arcane-sounding words, perfect for spell casting or an arcane language. The tables are something I can, relatively, easily expand later (by using the same base word-chunk and changing vowels and so on). But , for now, thought a sample of what it can generate.

*Disclaimer* – I take no responsibility for any eldritch horror saying these words aloud may summon 😉

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D20 Babble
1 Aciarran Zybus Zeoyyic Walic
2 Atenaisis Attouoba Voellus
3 Attuoialkus Ateneyenea
4 Cisdius Tasalo Acioaigui...
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Star bases and fantasy towns/cities are basically the same

A while ago I was talking to a friend about sci-fi things and the conversation got around to starbases. The friendly debate was that, from my side of things, starbases are, essentially, towns and cities in space.

The logic ran as follows:

  • They are places to stay that harbour you in a possible dangerous environment
  • You can have your transport looked after there
  • There are NPCs to interact with
  • You will often find security forces there watching over you and the other inhabitants
  • Can often buy goods and services of various types
  • Depending on the size, there are some kind of defence systems in place, such as walls, mounted weaponry etc
  • Shady deals and criminals can be found here

The list goes on and on.

This, with minor adjustments for the genre, makes it easy to take a favourite city and mak...

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Fifth Edition Fallout homebrew setting from Spilled Ale Studios

TodayI want to give a quick bit of information about something that one of the players in my STA game has been working on that I quite enjoy – A homebrew of sorts for Fallout and Fifth edition D&D.

Originally published on the Spilled Ale Blog, FO5 is an add-on that requires Fifth edition Players handbook or Basic Rules.

I had seen a few posts about it before, but now the pdf is practically completed I thought I’d shine a spotlight on things. In the Fallout universe, the setting is a what I dub, retro-futuristic, with a 1950’s vibe to things. A nuclear attack sent thousands of people into what is dubbed Vaults for protection. A few of the vaults were quite safe, but many of them were used for testing, experiments, and sometimes what can best be described as a “This will be a laugh…”...

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Random List – 20 Baltic Deity Names

Todays 20-List gives you 20 names used by deities in the Baltic region. Which of these to do you know?

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D20 Deity Name
1 Bangputys
2 Ceroklis
3 Dewing Usching
4 Egle
5 Gyvate
6 Keliukis
7 Kremara
8 Kupolė
9 Laumas
10 Māra
11 Moschel
12 Perkunas
13 Pilvytis
14 Raugo žemepatis
15 Raugupatis
16 Rugiu Boba
17 Saulė
18 Sietynas
19 Vaiva
20 Zaltys


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STA:Damocles – Creating the USS Damocles

STA:Damocles – Creating the USS Damocles

Fingers crossed, the STA:Damocles campaign starts on Saturday. So today I felt like it would be appropriate to go through te basics of the design process i used to create what many consider to be the main character, the USS Damocles herself.

At first glance, creating a ship in STA looks complicated, but is quite easy.

  1. Decide on a time frame for the game – After all you would not have a ship like the Enterprise D, a Galaxy class in the TOS (The Orginal Series) era
  2. Choose a base space frame – This cover the basic superstructure, core systems, operational infrastructure and all other elements that are common to every vessel of the same class.
  3. Mission Profile – Is the ship going to be an explorer, a technical test bed or combat variation of the space...
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