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US Name gen now live

This has to have been the biggest name generator, in term of possible combinations, I have ever done. Taking its data from the US census, I’ve taken all the female names found in the US, all the male and all surnames and created a generator that combines them randomly. You may get names and surname combinations that are not normally found together, but with the amount of people in the US and to reflect its well-known melting pot status, I left it like this.

Click on the link in te sample header below to be taken to generator page.

If i can continue to get census data of this quality I’ll be adding more name pages...

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Cheese dish generator now live

Think i was abit hungry when i made this one. Click on the link in the header to be taken to the page.

Cheese based dish
# Dish
#1 Aged Pelardon des Corbieres Macaroni and cheese
#2 Mature Mozzarella Rolls Queso flameado
#3 Aged Jarlsberg Frito pie
#4 Strong Halloumy Mazë
#5 Aged Lavistown Papas chorreadas
#6 Aged Grabetto Cheese puffs
#7 Briney Tyn Grug Quesillo
#8 Extra-Strong Tilsit Tiropita
#9 Strong Liptauer Queijo coalho grelhado
#10 Mature Formaggio di capra Moretum
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Malay Name Gen now live

Phew this one proved to be quite fiddly from a backend pov, but i hopefully got it done correctly.  As always, clicking on the sample header below will take you to the gen page.


Malay Names
# Female Male
#1 Merah Rahmanijibar Lumut Dhanij
#2 Gunawana Rahmansir Djakarta Gunangigar
#3 Bahara Saidij Ghan Gunawanalla
#4 Rahma Rashidigar Lumpur Singhijibar
#5 Kuba Patelapal Lumpur Dhaniman
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SciFI Material Name Generator now live

Quick and simple generator this week, with a SciFI Material Name Generator. This generator is for coming up with sci-fi or futuristic sounding materials. Clicking on the link in the header of the sample below will take you straight to the gen page. Post any interesting, amusing or other good results on twitter or other social media platforms, or in the comments section below

Sci-Fi Materials
# Material Name
#1 Cyclic Cobalt
#2 Reflective Plastic
#2 Shielded Glue
#4 Magnification Zirconium
#5 Denatured Silver
#6 Micro Iridium
#7 Regenerating Diamond
#8 Modulated Magnesium
#9 Harmonic Skin
#10 Adaptive Bronze
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Campaign Chunk (Revisited) Volume 12.05 – Orangutan

As mentioned on monday, doing a couple of -reruns for this week. This chunk was one of my favs to write as it was about what could be considered to be my favourite animal, the Orangutan

Campaign Chunk Volume 12.05 – Orangutan

The Orangutan, sometimes spelled as orang-utan, orangutang, or even orang-utang, is a great ape native to Indonesia and Malaysia. They have a fur that seems to be a mixture of orange red and brown. The Sumatran Orangutan is smaller and has longer hair when compared to the Bornean Orangutan. Their name comes from the Malay word for a person – “Orang” and the hutan word for forest – “utan”, making their name Person of the Forest.

They are well known for their long arms , up to 8 ft...

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