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[World Anvil] – Grandfather, the Sentient Castle

“Despite the many years I have been in this world, the horrors I have seen, I have also seen beauty and compassion. For every so-called evil doer I have known someone who’s light shines brighter than than the sun.”
– Grandfather

 Many decades, if not centuries ago, in Corlak, land of the sentient items , the event known as the Spell Cascade was brought to an end by the sacrifice of the people there. When their souls were ripped from their bodies, which had been disintegrated by the effect of negating the Cascade, they found they were drawn to items and objects that were important to them. Book, swords, tools, and in some cases…buildings. 

The entity now calling itself Grandfather was one such person...

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Deklan – Death and Endings

“You mortals think that death and things ending are bad or evil. So many of you fail to see that the death of one thing can allow many others to flourish and begin…” 

Avatar of Deklan addressing his followers

 Pronunciation: – Deck-lahn 


Death as a concept is one that is, if not worshipped, then respected in many cultures. Without death, the cycle of life could not progress properly and everything must come to end in some fashion. Deklan is the deity of this concept made manifest. Deklan is a deity that has no known true image, always presented as a cloaked figure that only reveals their face and nature to the one they are escorting to the afterlife...

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[World Anvil] – The Spell Cascade

Spell Cascade

“Like a wave of purple fire, it spread across the landscape, changing, altering the very fabric of that with which it came into contact with. Trees were left twisted, animals mutated…I can still hear the screams of the people as it turned its chaotic energies on them…” 

    • Canticle of the Cascade

What is the Spell Cascade?

  The Spell Cascade, often refereed to as the Cascade, was one of the most horrific and important events in Easthalens history. Although some might argue it started earlier, it hit its peak and was ended in 459 AB.  Essentially, The Cascade was a wave of magical energy that swept around the world, getting stronger and more potent with each cycle...

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[World Anvil] – Tembius – Time & travel/movement

Tembius – Time & travel/movement

“Watch your words foolish one. You know who I am and what I am capable of. Through the power of my God I can not only kill you, but make it so you never existed and every last particle of you would be aware as He unmade your very essence…” 

– High Cleric of Tembius – Battle of Stondar, Legends of Before the Barrier

  Pronunciation : Tem-be-us 


 Like many others, Tembius had another name in their mortal life. Tembius in Terrex means “Explorer” and lends some weight to the stories that that particular Great-House was his home. The god of time, travel, movement and to a lesser degree exploration. When starting on a long journey, it is a common practice to give an offering or to seek his blessing through a quick prayer.  

Early L...

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[Weekly Update] – 27th of May 2020

Another quick one this week as it’s getting warm and humid again here  at this of the morning!


I put the latest PDF, due out this week “Rumour Generator Sci-Fi edition” back a week, to re sync things up with a a new PDF out the first Monday, then the next two weeks later. It was bugging me for a while, but with months being what they are, it happens every now and then.

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Last weeks article was an update/tweak of a previous one and ties in a bit more with the  article about the Goddess of the Forge – The Forge of the Supreme Weapon

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There has been a lot of chat on social media about a certain person (who I shall not name here) still working for a company...

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