Character Connections and RPG Round Up

Character Connections and RPG Round Up

Character Connections

A character connection is something that allows players and GMs alike to come up with ways of linking characters together for a story or adventure.

A d200 or 2 d100 tables are provided here to help you flesh out the connections between two characters. It can be two members of the same party, or an NPC and a player character, or even two NPCs that you need to figure out just how they know each other.

The genre has been kept as generic as possible so this system can be used in a fantasy setting, a sci-fi, modern or maybe even a horror.

Inside you find…
1 d200/2x d100 tables filled with suggestions and ideas on how your various characters know each other or are linked to character or NPC you are currently focusing on
a simple d20 table for determining how long ago this event occurred

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Open Gaming Store and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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