29 July 2021

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Christmas In July Sale 2020

Christmas In July Sale 2020

This is the time of year when Drivethru has its annual “Christmas in July” sale and Ennead Games is taking part.

Until the 27th of July, with some wiggle room to allow for timezones, most of Ennead Games PDFs are 25% off – Newer titles and bundles not included.

Some highlights include:

The full listing of titles on sale can be found here

No new PDFs will be out until 3rd of August 2020.



Many folx have been telling me for years I should put up the prices of my PDFs. I have been resisting for a long as it’s been financially viable to do so.
Sadly, that is no longer the case. As such, the base price of my PDFS, the Quick Generators, will, from September, be rising to $1.99.
However, the current PDFs prices will either stay the same or be reduced, especially for the older titles and, as before,
the special offer price (the discount for the first week) for previous customers will continue to be lower, probably about 50% or so of the standard price.

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