25 September 2021

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A Chunk of Fantasy 1.07 – Chain Mail Helmet of the Druid [Armour]

A Chunk of Fantasy 1.07 – Chain Mail Helmet of the Druid [Armour]

“Druids are, well I think they are odd folk, all that being at one with nature, speaking to animals and all that. It’s downright weird. But, they are not bad people. They do a lot of good work, even if others don’t understand them. Speaking of not understanding, you remember old Philbert the blacksmith? Well, one of those druids helped save his family from that herd of wild beasts last month. So in return, he made a helmet for the druid that lost his hat. Now everyone told him that druids don’t use chainmail, but this one took the gift gladly. A few days later he was seen wearing it. Apparently, he had got a friend to enchant it and make it work with nature-based powers somehow…”

Armour type – Chain mail
Main power – Amplifies druidic magic
Disadvantage – Dampens other types of magic and induce headaches in the wearer

Druids are not known for wearing metal. Most spell casters, in fact, seem to eschew metal armour, despite the greater protection it offers. Some reasons given include it inhibits arcane energy, others say the wear is simply not used to it. Whatever the reason, arcane spell casters and metal armour is a fairly rare thing. This is even more so with druids, who tend to rely on the power of nature and their spells to protect themselves.

Which is why the Chain Mail Helmet of the Druid (CMHD) is a rather peculiar oddity. As with many magical items, on the surface looks rather bland and boring. A simple chain mail coif with a few bit of what looks like iron or steel to hold it in place and give greater protection. It has no lining and any non-magic user who puts it on discover it is functional but quite uncomfortable to wear and have to remove it after a short while. There are areas to look out of, and small straps to adjust it to fit and keep it on.
A magic user who is not a druid and picks it up feels a compulsion to not put this object on. Druids of those with a strong connection to nature, feel it would fit them perfectly. This compulsion/repulsion effect is easily overridden, but it does make those with a sense of the arcane weary about this bit of armour. A druid that decides to wear this helmet, immediately feels their connection with both nature and the arcane forces get stronger. Thier spells become more potent, last longer and work generally better. As long as the helmet is being worn, the druids functions much better


There are two downsides to this object, but both are easy to deal with. The first is for non-druids. Wearing this helmet actively dampens your connection to arcane and non-nature based magic. The second applies to both druid and no druids. Several mins after donning the helmet, the wear has a chance to have a major headache, which can disrupt spellcasting and other actions, which increases the longer the helmet is worn. Both of these side effects immediately end once the helmet is removed. It is believed that this unintentional side effect was due to the speed at which the helmet was made and enchanted. If ou can tolerate the headaches, for druids, this bit of armour is quite useful indeed.

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