29 July 2021

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A Chunk of SciFi – 1.01 – Infinite Blue [Drug]

As with yesterdays “Chunk of Fantasy”, today is the start of the SciFi version of the new format and expanded Chunk series. I’m I the process of making a list of possible subjects for the chunk series, so stay tuned on social media and here to see what possible options there will be and maybe suggest any I have missed.

A Chunk of SciFi – 1.01 – Infinite Blue [Drug]

“Many people say that the first dose of Infinite Blue is the best. You never get quite the same high afterwards. It’s always there, just out of reach, tempting you, showing you what you are missing. You can get close but you never shake that feeling that it could be better if you just took a little bit more. Just a tiny bit more. So next time you take a little bit more. Then the next, then you have double your original dose, then quadrupled it. And that feeling never goes away….ever…”

Drug Name: Infinite Blue
Legality: Highly Illegal
Method of use: Capsule, swallowed
Chance of addiction: 70% per dose

Infinite Blue (IB) is a highly addictive drug that gives it uses a feeling of almost infinite connection with the universe and those around them. It gets its name, in part, from that feeling and the fact that the drug, when exposed to air, turns blue. In its inert form, it resembles an oddly coloured amber capsule.Once exposed to air the drug becomes useless and will not work any other way. No-one really knows who invented it. It seemed to turn up, almost overnight, in several locations at once.

Taking a dose of IB is simple. You just swallow the capsule along with some water, like a vitamin. Within 20 mins the high starts and you feel like your mind and soul is expanding to cover the entire universe. You are filled with an almost painful feeling of belonging and love. When the high fades, after about an hour or so, you start to seek out other pleasures but are still functional, mostly. Each time you take a dose you become more fixated o the sensation and desire it above all else.

Each dose of IB is never as effective as that first dose. One of the addiction symptoms is you seeking to get that feeling again, in any way you can. Eventually, you end up trying the drug again. But to get close you need a little bit more. Each time you require an exponential amount more to get even close to the original high, but it is never enough. Making IB is quite easy compared to other drugs, but does require a particular set of ingredients only found in certain hard to get to locations. One rumour suggests that one of the ingredients is the cerebrospinal fluid of a sentient creature.

Going cold turkey from an IB addiction is possible, but becomes much harder with each dose taken. The detox process is painful, but the psychological damage is horrible as those that go through it feel like their soul is ripped apart.

Anyone caught manufacturing or selling IB is punished by the fullest measure of the law, often quite publically to deter anyone else from making, selling or even taking this drug. Oddly, those caught using it are often treated in a gentle fashion and helped through their addiction, whilst still being punished in some way.


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