25 September 2021

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A Chunk of SciFi – 1.08 Zombex [Disease]

A Chunk of SciFi – 1.08 Zombex [Disease]

[Message can only be read by a Class-4 telepath or higher due to possible contamination with Zombex]

Name – Zombex
Primary Transmission Method – Telepathic Contact
Primary Effect – Shuts down higher mental functions

Telepathy was once thought to be nothing but a myth or story. The ability to read others minds was always thought to be a hoax. Once humanity entered to the galactic stage of their development and made contact with other races it was shown to be true. Humanity was simply a “late bloomer” with regards to telepathy. It was used among the older races to help cement peace and aid in communication. It was the primary reason humanity was left alone for so long – First contact without a TP’er present was not recommended, to prevent mishaps. Some races used it a milestone to determine if first contact was to be attempted.

Many races, in a good-natured fashion, joked about humanity’s weaker brains not being able to use TP properly. Many years after the first contact with earth, this proved to be an advantage for humanity and helped cement their place on the galactic council. This was all down to what was referred to as Zombex. Zombex was the first telepathic disease ever encountered. It was believed to have been first discovered on a so-called necropolis world, where an ancient race had once lived. Some say it was a defence system, others was what killed the off. Whatever the reason was, it spread through populations with a high TP count.

Zombex, a name dubbed by humanity after a genre from their entertainment history, shuts off higher brain functions. It has a rather long gestation period before activating, spreading from one telepathic mind to another when mental contact is made. This delay makes those that studied it think it was a weapon gone wild. When it does activate, after a seemingly random period of time, the hosts higher brain functions start to shut down. Those that had lived through it liken it to a form of dementia. Eventually, the host becomes, mentally speaking, like a zombie, but with none of the classic physical characteristics. Telepathy is, oddily, the last to go, helping to spread the plague further.

Out of all the races, only two seemed to have a natural immunity. One was a race that had zero telepaths and named the Jiall, the other was humanity. Over a period of time, a cure and treatment were developed. The number of TP that survived the Zombex plague was decimated and to this day has never fully recovered. The Jiiall and Humans were elevated in status for their work in stopping the plague.A few rumours still persist that the humans were, in fact, responsible for the plague in some way. Those that public said that were promptly removed from the community.

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