29 July 2021

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A Chunk of SciFi – 2.02 Transhumanist Jam [Food]

This Chunk base idea was suggested by Kearin Danoor via twitter.

A Chunk of SciFi – 2.02 Transhumanist Jam [Food]

“Transhumanism – The intellectual and cultural movement that affirms the possibility and desirability of fundamentally improving the human condition through applied reason, especially by developing and making widely available technologies to eliminate ageing and to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities. So, remind me again, why in the name of the High-Lords left spud I am eating this jam again?….”

Transhumanist Jam, T-Jam for short, was originally made to be a joke, not to be taken seriously.It was, to begin with, a type of Omni-food, meant to provide all the nutrients that a body would need in a handy paste like form that could be consumed in any environment, especially deep space or areas of microgravity.

Whilst T-Jam did technically do what it said, it was at best, bland and unpleasant to eat. Persistent rumours abound to this day that the only reason it was chosen as the official food for the colony ships was because of corruption and kickbacks. So much so that Ark-5 threatened to jettison all of it unless they were allowed to change the flavour somehow. It was this reasonable act of rebellion that led to the creation of what was later called T-Jam. For some reason, this mixture of sugars, preservatives and fruit, turned the base omni-food paste into something incredible. 99% of the occupants of Ark-5, some 20,000 people, ate the new modified omni-food gladly. The occupants felt energised and more alive. It was around this time the nickname of T-Jam was thought up and it stuck.

By the Time Ark-5 arrived at its destination in Alpha Centauri, the effects of T-Jam were apparent. Minor injuries and scars had been healed. There was markedly fewer deaths of old age when compared to the other arks sent out. Everyone was as fit and healthy as they had been before setting out, some more so. The biggest change, however, was to their children. The kids all seemed to be unusually healthy. The births all occurred without incidents, they immune systems were enhanced, they seemed to grow slightly faster and mature quicker. As they grew the children also seemed to be smarter, wiser and have less of the mental issues most humans would have. Studies of these children indicated a change had occurred to their DNA when compared to others.

The children of Ark-5 were kept in isolation, at their own request for they seemed to understand that their nature might unnerve others. So far they have caused no problem for the other colonists and have helped them through difficult times. As time went on, the children of this first generation of modified humans, in turn, seemed more enhanced and, for want of another term, better, than their parents. Those that have studied these nu-humans have all said that, if they had to pick a term, they are evolving faster than regular humans and for some reason, the T-Jam was the catalyst. A few scientists have said that within a few generations they might develop abilities way beyond what others species have.

Officially, T-Jam no longer exists. Unofficially, two cases of the modified paste remain. One in possession of the enhanced humans at Alpha Centauri, whilst another was sent back to Earth, but got “lost”. Every corporation that deals with biotech have a standing offer of a virtual blank check for anyone who can bring them a viable sample of T-Jam.

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