Corporate Babble Generator and RPG Round Up


Corporate Babble Generator

Anyone who has worked in the corporate world for long enough will know that there is a certain type of person who likes to be…creative…with their language. Rather than saying something simple, they seem to insist on coming up with a string of words that sounds like babble and nonsense to anyone listening, yet these types lap it up. What they actually mean is up for debate…

There are several hundred million possible combinations in this generator, so there is sure to be something that helps sparks your imagination and impresses your corporate managers.

Inside you’ll find…

  • 1 d10 table for the opening part of the babble
  • 6 x d100 tables full of corporate sounding words and phrases – 2 sets of 2 tables are treated as one when working out what to use.
  • A d100 table of pre-done examples to help you save time

In total this can give 10 x 100 x 100 x 200 x 200 or 4,000,000,000 (Four Billion) possible combinations

You could end up with phrases such as…

  • Our goal is to exclusively cast high-quality processes
  • Our mission statement is to exceptionally right-shore web-enabled leadership
  • We insist that you should accordingly provide access to progressive methods of empowerment
  • We insist that you should diligently transform maintainable instructions

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