15 June 2021

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d20 List – Military Squad Nicknames

Todays d20 list is for nicknames suitable for a military squad. They can , of course, be used for other things, but the generator that produced them was made with the military in mind.

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1 Alpha Slayers
2 Aquatic Vanguards
3 Brass Patriots
4 Bright Ghosts
5 Brilliant Dragons
6 Crazy Hitters
7 Crimson Falcons
8 Demonic Guard
9 Fanatic Patriots
10 Ferocious Fighters
11 Flaming Defenders
12 Flaming Guardians
13 Ghostly Killers
14 Golden Hunters
15 Imperial Assassins
16 Incredible Watch
17 Infernal Eagles
18 Iron Heroes
19 Jungle Guardians
20 Uncontrolled Daggers


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