Dungeon Features 7 – Statues and the RPG Round Up

Dungeon Features 7 – Statues

Whilst exploring a dungeon or other building, such as a castle complex or mansion, you can find many things, such as doors, artwork, furniture and much more.

This volume covers statues and helps you come up with a quick description or it for your players to find or to help you flesh out an existing one and give it more details.

Inside this volume, you’ll find tables for…

1 – Material
2 – Subject
3 – Inscription type
4 – Inscription Language
5 – Base/Plinth Shape
6 – Holding (If the statue is holding anything, this table tells you what that might be)
7 – Condition/Damage
8 – Quality
9 – Pose
10 – Size
11 – Quirk/Feature

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