15 June 2021

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Easthalen #6 – The Chaotic Desert

The majority of Easthalen is a temperate zone, comparable to europe on earth, with plenty of plains, mountains and forests. The weather patterns near the Bleed and the Barrier get a bit more chaotic and variable.

One such area is the only major desert. Located in the southern most area the Chaotic Desert(CD) is so-called because it moves within a certain area. It also changes size, with some years being very small and other times filling the area it inhabits. Oddly though it never moves past a particular boundary. This has been tested year after year with poles, fences etc and other systems for measuring the edge – and not once has the sand gone past this line. Not one inch. The nature of the sand within the CD changes as well, with at times being tightly compacted and other times the same area acts like quicksand.

The area the desert “officially” covers within the bleed and outside the Barrier is not that large, only 100 square miles or so. Within that the CD is 95 square miles. Of course distance this close to the Great Barrier have to be approximate, but enough scholars agree that this is a good approximation.

As with other parts of the world, the closer one gets to the barrier time and space gets distorted. Each area has its unique ways of being warped. the Cd is no exception. For one, heading south is a sure death sentence for most mortals as rumours abound that the area starts to overlap and eventually become the Elemental plane of Fire.

Within the CD, there lives few humanoids, but some have claimed it as theirs. They , like in other realms tend to be nomadic. In the deep desert a necropolis inhabited by the dead and ruled by aware/sentient undead, that uses the overlap with the plane of fire to power the city and power it defences. The nomads know of its location and refuse to travel there, warning all travellers to stay away from the area. The undead do not suffer the living and simply wish to be left alone. It would be wise to agree with this.

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