Fantastic Feats Volume 47 – Shaman & RPG Round Up for December 7th 2015

Fantastic Feats Volume 47 – Shaman & RPG Round Up for December 7th 2015

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FF 48 cover thumbFantastic Feats  Volume 47 – Shaman

Fantastic Feats Volume 47 – Shaman

“What his name was before becoming a shaman has been lost to the ages. The spirits called him Tor’Tilla. You think I am joking? It is not my place, or yours, to question the wisdom of the spirits when they name us, even though sometimes it is very perplexing…”

Tales of Tor’Tilla, the Lost Shaman

A shaman is a kind of medicine man who practices shamanism. Shamans were believed to be able to talk to the spirit world, usually animal spirits. The main tasks of a shamen in history was healing, weather control or any other supernatural forces.

The feats inside this volume are:

Spell Sacrifice Bonus: Sacrifice a spell to empower some of the other feats.
Powerful Hexes: Re-roll rolls related to your hexes and take better results.
Powerful Spirit: Re-roll rolls related to your spirits and take better results.
Shamanistic Defences: Sacrifice a spell to gain a bonus to a saving throw.
Spirit Mentor: Knowledge of the spirit world grants you a bonus to level related rolls.
Spirits Anger: Give up a spell for a bonus to hit or damage.
Spirits Armour: Turn your spell energy into a bonus to your AC.
Spirits Awareness: Sacrifice a spell for a bonus to your perception and spot checks.
Spirits Diplomacy: Sacrifice a spell for a bonus to social rolls, improved when dealing with sprits or similar.
Spirits Teachings: Sacrifice a spell for a bonus to any skill check.
Spiritual Trance: Enter a trance for another random benefit, but with a chance of being punished!
This volume of Fantastic Feats has 10 feats in it, making it even better value for money. The price will stay the same for now and once the current block of FF has been done, the older volumes will be updated to reflect the new larger format, but the time frame for this is unknown at the moment.

Available at Drivethru now (product link) and and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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