Fantastic Feats Volume 55 Combat Feats 2 & RPG Round Up

Fantastic Feats Volume 55 Combat Feats 2 & RPG Round Up

Fantastic Feats Volume 55 Combat Feats 2

Feats are a useful way of altering or modifying abilities that characters have. Combat is the prime time to use the edge that feats give you.

It could be the difference between life and death, from feeling the cold embrace of steel and living to enact your revenge another day.

These feats are for making combat more deadly…for your foe that is. Just hope they don’t have some of these feats either or your life may very well become more interesting, yet also briefer.

They may grant a bonus when you take aim, or when you kill, or even knock out, another. Some even give you a bonus when you use an attack or spell you are known for.

Inside you’ll find 17 feats in one of four groups

Aimed Attack – 1 Core feat and 4 other related to aim attacks
Attacks of Opportunity Feats – 6 feats related to attacks of opportunity
Follow Through – 5 feats that grant you a bonus when you kill or knock out an opponent
Signature Move – A single feat but with many options for your favourite attacks

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