26 July 2021

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[Fantasy Weapon Kit] – 5 Pre-generated results

Here are 5 results generated from the Fantasy Weapon Kit. You don’t need the kit to use this, but explanations etc will in there

Mighty Battle Yo-yo of the Winds
Primary Material: lead
Skeleton Hide/Skin grip
Abilites/Powers: None

Feared Disc of Slaying
Primary Material: Redbay Persea
Garnet(real) as flair
Marble(fake) as flair
Mundane : Size

Fauchard of Balance
Primary Material: Bitternut hickory
Leather grip
Abilites/Powers: None

Sickle of the West
Primary Material: Tiger eye agate
Leather grip
Crack – small
Abilites/Powers: None

Attacking Glaive of Endings
Primary Material: Ash
Shell inlay in a Words/Runes shape
Supernatural : Never scared
Mundane : Coating Poison (weak)
Mundane : Attachment/Addition Extra small blade (damage)
Supernatural : Armour – improved
Supernatural : Immunity to Fire

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