27 September 2021

Ennead Games

Ideas, tools, and generators to help and inspire for your games and story-telling

Generators and Tools


Items/Generators/Lists marked with a (H) are hosted and their content is from somewhere else and used with permission.


Babble Generators

Arcane, Corporate, Technobabble, Technobabble – Steampunk


Dungeon Related

Altars, Chests, Doors, Room/Location Name, Sights/smells/sounds


Fantasy Background & Details


Main/Full, Children, Friends/Enemies, Habits, Hometown, Parents, Personal Details, Personal Relationships, Phobias, Quirk/Secret, Siblings, Skin Details, Tattoos, Traits


Fantasy Concepts

Antagonist, Creature, Food, Magic Item , Magic Schools & Classes, MagiTech, NPC, Species Name, Spell, Weapons


Fantasy Creatures, Monsters & NPCs

Goblins, Golems, Lich, Vampire, Witches, Zombie


Fantasy Equipment

Alchemical Ingredients,  Blades, Currency, Mystical Drinks, Poisons, Shields, Witches Brew


Fantasy Groups

Assassins Guild, City Watch, Goblin Gang, Knight Order, Mercenary Troop, Merchant Caravan, Military Squad, Outlaw Band, Pirate Crew, Tribe, Urban Gang


Fantasy Misc.

Adventure Outline, Chaos Effects, Simple Prophecy Generator, Trickster God


Fantasy Names


Adventuring Party, Gangs, Pirate ship & crew


Artefact Names, Herbs & Spices, Mystical Drinks

Settlements & Empire

Country, Dwarf, Settlement Names, Street/Road Names, Tavern Names


Afterlife, Battle/War Name Disease/Malady, Tree/Shrub


Fantasy Names – Characters, Monsters and NPCs

Angelic, Dark Elf, Dark Speech, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Goblins & Orcs, Halfling, Lovecraftian Creature, Steampunk/Victorian, Treefolk,  Vampire


Food & Drink

Cheese based dishes, Pizza



Multiverse, Planet – Details


Post Apocalypse

Trinkets (H)


Rituals & Cults

Rituals & Cults, Ritual Details


SciFi/Modern Concepts

Antagonist, Encounter, Sci-Fi Weapon, Space vehicle


SciFi/Modern Equipment

Drugs/Medicines, Objects & Items


SciFi/Modern Lifeforms & NPCs



SciFi/Modern Misc.

Corporation Slogan


SciFi/Modern Names

Corporation Names, Cybernetic & Implant Names, Material Names, Planet – Namer, Squad Names, Star System and Planet Names


Settlements & Empire Details

Country, Crime & Punishments, Gladiator & Arena, Government type, Map Feature Namer, Settlement, Tavern



Starship – Details, Starship – Name & Reg



Costume, Powers/Abilities, Title


Misc. & Combined

Anime/Manga Title, Armour (Fantasy & SciFi), Insults, Martial Arts Moves, Political Ideology, Serial Killers, Theme and Setting


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