Generators and Tools


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Babble Generators
Arcane Corporate Babble/BS Technobabble
Technobabble – Steampunk


Dungeon Related
Altars Chests Doors Room/Location Namer Sights, Smells & Sounds
Trap Concept


Fantasy Background & Details
Main/Full Children Friends & Enemies Habits
Hometown  Parents Personal Details Personal Relationships
Phobias Quirk/Secret Siblings Skin Details
Tattoos Traits


Fantasy Concepts
Antagonist Creature Food  Magic Item
Magic Schools & Classes MagiTech NPC Spell


Fantasy Creatures, Monsters & NPCs
Goblins Golems Lich Vampire
Witches Zombies


Fantasy Equipment
Blades Currency Mystical Drinks Poisons
Shields Witches Brew


Fantasy Groups
Assassins Guild City Watch Goblin Gang Knight Order
Mercenary Troop Merchant Caravan Military Squad Outlaw Band
Pirate Crew Tribe Urban Gang


Fantasy Misc.
Adventure Outline Chaos Effects Simple Prophecy Generator Trickster God


Fantasy Names
Groups Items Settlements & Empire Misc.
Adventuring Party Artefact Names Country Disease/Malady
Gangs Herbs & Spices Dwarf
Pirate ship & crew Mystical Drinks Settlement Names
Street/Road Names
Tavern Names


Fantasy Names – Characters
Angelic Dark Elf Dark Speech Demon Names & Titles
Dwarven Elven Gnome Goblins & Orcs
Halfling Lovecraftian Creature Steampunk/Victorian Treefolk


Food & Drink
Cheese based dishes  Pizza


Multiverse Planet – Details


Post Apocalypse
Trinkets (H)


Real World Names
Armenian Belgium Flemmish Chinese Cornish
Croation Danish Estonian Finnish
French German Greek Hawaiian
Hungarian Indian (Hindu) Irish Italian
Japanese Korean Latvian Malay
Māori Norse Old English Pirates (European)
Polish Portuguese Russian Scottish
Spanish Swedish Turkish United States
Welsh Wild West


Rituals & Cults
Rituals & Cults Ritual Details


SciFi/Modern Concepts
Encounter Sci-Fi Weapon Space vehicle


SciFi/Modern Equipment
Drugs/Medicines Objects & Items


SciFi/Modern Lifeforms & NPCs


SciFi/Modern Misc.
Corporation Slogan


SciFi/Modern Names
Corporation Names Cybernetic & Implant Names Material Names Planet – Namer
Squad Names Star System and Planet Names


Settlements & Empire Details
Country Crime & Punishments Gladiator & Arena Government type
Map Feature Namer Settlement Tavern


Starship – Details Starship – Name & Reg


Costume Powers/Abilities Title


Misc. & Combined
Anime/Manga Title Armour (Fantasy & SciFi) Insults Martial Arts Moves
Political Ideology Serial Killers Theme and Setting




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