20 September 2021

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Ideas, tools, and generators to help and inspire for your games and story-telling


Need inspiration or simply don’t have the time to roll or decide on various features for your world? A Random generator can help.

Many of these pages will have several generators on it, based around a common theme, like a settlement, or a creature or anything else. Be warned, as these results are totally random, weird results may occur…well, probably will.

Each page listed below will open in a new page. New generators will be added all the time and older ones updated or expanded as time allows. Check the Recently Updated section in the widget to the right to see what has been added or changed.

Background & DetailsEquipment, gear & itemsGroups & GangsMonsters & Creatures
Main/FullBladed Weapons DetailsAssassinsCreature Concept
ChildrenCheese based dishesGang NamesGoblins
ConceptCurrencyGoblin GangsGolems
Friends/EnemiesFantasy Weapon NamesKnightsLich
HabitsFood/Dishes ConceptsMercenaryVampires
Hometown overviewHerb & Spice NamesMerchant CaravanWitches
ParentsMagic Item ConceptMilitary SquadsZombies
Personal DetailsMagicTech ConceptsOutlaws
Personal RelationshipMystical DrinksPirate Crew
PhobiasShield DetailsTribes
Quick DetailsWitches BrewsUrban Gangs
Quirk & SecretWatchmen
Skin Details
NamesSettlements & EmpiresMisc/Unsorted
Names CountryCrime & PunishmentsRituals & Cults
Disease/MaladyCountry NameChaos EffectsRitual Details
Pirate ship & crew Government typeDungeon RelatedTrickster God
Spell Name/ConceptSettlementGladiator & Arena
Settlement NamesMagic Schools & Classes
Street/Road NamesMap Feature Namer
Tavern Names

Equipment & TechLifeforms & NPCsStarshipsUniverse
Corporate Babble/BSLifeformSpace vehicle conceptEncounter Concept
Corporation NamesStarship - DetailsMultiverse
Corporation SloganStarship - Name & RegPlanet - Details
Cybernetic & Implant NamesPlanet - Namer
Drugs/MedicinesStar System and Planet Names
Material Names
Objects & Items
Sci-Fi Weapon Concepts
Technobabble - Steampunk
Crime & Punishments - SciFi


Adventure OutlineAnime/Manga TitleArmour (Fantasy & SciFi)Insults
Martial Arts MovesPizzaPolitical IdeologySerial Killers
Simple Prophecy GeneratorTheme and Setting

If you wish to suggest a generator, or contribute to an existing one, then please contact Ennead Games. Credit and a link to your site (subject to approval) will be given.

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