Assassins Guild Generator

An assassin is someone who murders by surprise attack, especially one who carries out a plot to kill a prominent person. They may operate for pay or for an idea. Often banded together in a group or guild so that there is no clash of assassins over targets.
This generator was made from information and ideas by reddit user /u/OrkishBlade. More details can be found in the thread here

Assassins Guild Details
The guild’s symbol is...A fish.
The guild’s preferred method of
execution is...
Arrow/bolt from range.
Guildmembers typically arm
themselves with...
Shortswords and crossbows.
Guildmembers typically operate...In plain sight.
Guildmembers typically know...The names of the guild’s leaders, though they’ve never any of them.
The guild’s leader is...A brutish thug.
The guild’s goals include...Expanding the client base.
The guild refuses to take contracts
to kill...
Peasants and poor folk.
Guildmembers typically strike
Hit-and-run tactics.
Guildmembers typically plan their
attacks for…
Just before sunrise.
The guild’s headquarters is hidden
in or near...
An artisan's shop or guildhall.
The guild is feared or respected
Politicians and magistrates.
Distinguishing feature for an
individual: The assassin has…
Neatly trimmed mustaches.
Distinguishing weapon for an
individual: The assassin carries…
A blade with runes carved into it.


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