8 March 2021

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Bladed Weapons Details

Everyone who goes on an adventure uses equipment. Without it, their adventuring days would come to a halt quite quickly.
This generator doesn’t give you the details of any powers or abilities that are named or generated, that part is left up to you. It could simply be a description or the names could have real abilities tied to them.
This generator covers bladed weapons, from the humble dagger to the mighty claymore. Although some would argue that weapons like axes or picks would also be classed as a bladed weapon, they will be featured in their own page.

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Blade Details
#NameFinishHand GuardHandleInlayPommel
#1Festering Short of the Slothful GargoyleDyed/Color/Stained - DarkDamascus/Layered CustomAmber RidgedIron Person/FigureIron Teardrop
#2Debauched Treated/enchanted glass ShotelVarnishPig-iron StarStar Metal GripNo InlayIron Shape/design not listed here
#3Iron Screaming OrcNoneLead CurvedMarble StraightNo InlayTopaz Cross
#4Light Steel of the Electrified TigerNothing but a bit of dirt and grimeIron CurvedMonster Bone WideNo InlayPig-iron None – Just a flat end
#5Elongated Aluminium of the Undead SharkNoneSteel Straight/square etc.Diamond WideNo InlayIron Gemstone


This generator uses information originally found in “Equipment Maker 2 – Blades” and can be purchased here at DrivethruRPG and Open Gaming Store

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