Chaos Effects

Magic for some is a wild and chaotic thing. Some try to use the power of Chaos itself to gain an advantage over others. This however is a dangers choice, as Chaos Effects are likely to occur.

A Chaos Effect has a chance to occur when one of the following conditions has been met
• A Chaos Mage cast’s a spell
• A follower of a chaotic deity calls upon divine power
• A Chaos psionist unleashes their mind powers.
• A spell is cast in Wild/Chaos zone
• A Chaos artefact or item is used. This can affect non-magic users as well.
• A curse that has been placed on the subject by an item or spell activates
• A follower of Chaos rolls a critical

Chaos Effects
All beings within 100 feet of the caster are struck blind (Caster is immune)1d10 Hours
Everytime the caster speaks, soap bubbles emerge from their mouthUntil a remove curse/dispel effect is used
Divine and clerical abilities work half as well within 50 feet of caster1d10 Minutes
Saying the casters name makes flowers appear1d10 Minutes
At next town caster enters, they are mistaken for a winner of a prize and given said prize. Then the real winner turns up1d10 Minutes

This generator uses information originally found in 1000 Chaos Effects

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