24 September 2020

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Does this character have any children? Are they male or female? What is their relationship with their offspring like? Pick from the list below or roll a d10 and see what applies to your character.

#13 children (Female-In regular contact, Male-Typical parent/child relationship, Male-Quite close, practically friends)
#21 child (Male-Typical parent/child relationship)
#3No children
#4No children
#51 child (Male-Typical parent/child relationship)
#61 child (Female-In regular contact)
#7No children
#82 children (Male-Only in contact on holidays, Male-Parents are smothering/overcompensating)
#9No children
#102 children (Male-Only in contact on holidays, Female-Typical parent/child relationship)


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This generator uses information originally found in Background & Details Kit 2 – Fantasy Edition

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