Corporate Babble Generator

Corporate Babble Generator

Anyone who has worked in the corporate world for long enough will know that there is a certain type of person who likes to be…creative…with their language. Rather than saying something simple, they seem to insist on coming up with a string of words that sounds like babble and nonsense to anyone listening, yet these types lap it up. What they actually mean is up for debate…

There are several hundred million possible combinations in this generator, so there is sure to be something that helps sparks your imagination and impresses your corporate managers.

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Corporate Babble
#1We should distinctively expedite nimble apology
#2You must assertively grow high standards in e-markets
#3We must vivaciously create value-added core competencies
#4You must meaningfully brand global signature
#5Our goal is to proactively right-shore cutting-edge advice
#6We must seamlessly make resource-leveling e-markets
#7We should rarely fashion collaborative confirmation
#8You must regularly implement sticky fungibility
#9Our goal is to assertively aggregate nimble budget
#10Our mission statement is to powerfully make glorious sales




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