9 March 2021

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Crime & Punishment Generator

You have a character that has committed a crime, how are they punished? You find someone in a prison for life, what have they been accused of? You need a crime to accuse someone along with a punishment to threaten them with? If you answered “yes” to any of those this generator is for you. Below are 10 possible crimes alongside 10 randomly selected punishments and durations.
Some crimes may have been given a lighter sentence than they deserve, or even a much harsher sentence than other systems would have given. The next question becomes why? Are the judges corrupt? Was the evidence that bad? Or is it something more sinister?
The crimes and punishments listed below are suitable for a fantasy or medieval genre.
For mortal punishments, like hanging, the duration is to be taken as when it’s due to be carried out.
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Crime & Punishment
#1RacketeeringDischarge1 Month
#2Contract KillingFlayingLife/Permanent
#3HeresyFine - Fixed & Large1 Year
#4ExtortionLashes (1d10 x 10 lashes)1 Year
#5ExtortionBurnt at the stake3d10 Weeks
#6Public NudityProhibition3d4 Years
#7HeresyBail/Probation3d4 Years
#8AbuseElectrocution2d6 Weeks
#9BatteryImprisonment - House Arrest1 Week
#10Indictable OffencesFine - Fixed & Minor1 Month


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