23 October 2020

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Friends and Enemies

How any friends or acquaintances does the character have? Are they enemies out for their blood or is the relationship a bit more complex? Not everyone will have all 10 listed here, so roll 2d4 to determine the main non-family people in this characters life. You need to decide on their name etc. but basic information is provided here.

Friends & Enemies
#Relationship with characterGenderRace/SpeciesProfessionPersonality
#2Major dislikeMaleHalf-OrcShepherdGraceful
#3Rival in loveFemaleElfSadlerGives up easily
#4Known for 1d10 yearsFemaleGnomeWizardZany
#5Recently metFemaleDwarfFishermanBoundless
#7Personal ContactMaleGnomePotterSpunky
#8Rival in loveFemaleHalf-OrcBuilderAdorable
#9Personal ContactFemaleHalf-ElfBarbarianGraceful
#10Favour Owed - MinorFemaleElfGame KeeperCold


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