Background & Details – Fantasy

In 2012, the original Backgrounds and Details Kit from Ennead Games was released. Now, several years later, it has been remade, with more options and the original set of details expanded on and improved. Combining this publication with content from others that have been made over the years and new features added the BDK 2 was made. It has been designed for both players who want to flesh out their character and GMs that wish to make a NPC that little bit more believable.
The quick section is for when you want just the basics, such as race or profession or even personality.
Detailed is when you want more details for your characters or npcs or to help flesh out an existing characters background. You may need a flaw, a secret or just can’t decide what colour the characters hair is. You probably won’t be using all these details on one character at once.
Life events cover major events in the characters life, from birth, through adulthood and method of death, if needed.
Due to the nature of a random generator and coding limitations, there may be some results that are contradictory. If this occurs, then re-roll, ignore or come up with something of your own

This generator uses information originally found in Backgrounds & Details Kit 2 – Fantasy Edition


Background & Details
FamilyParentsMotherAlive, but ill/weakened/old etc.
FatherAlive and well
Marital StatusStill together, Mother having unknown affair
Relationship with characterIn contact, but not really caring
SiblingsSiblings3 (3 younger Female,Male,Female)
Personal RelationshipPersonal RelationshipMarried
ChildrenChildren1 child (Other-In regular contact)
Friends/EnemiesFriends/EnemiesKnown for 1d10 years with a Female Human Hunter who is Frigid
Physical DetailsSize/Weight in relation to typicalHeightAverage/typical
LooksLooks/apparent ageSlightly older
BackgroundHometownHometown nameHigh Wickend
Distance to Hometown2 x 10 miles
Time spent thereMost of their life
Size of hometownLarge City
Primary aspect/nature of hometownFarming
Residence type thereSmall
IncomePrimary Income sourceMilitary
Secondary Income sourceClass/profession related
LanguagesLanguageHome/Native, Common and Centaur Ancient dialect - Quite a few words wrong
LiteracyLiteracy level (general)More wrong words the right
HabitsDrinkingUses napkins/coasters all the time
EatingAlways leaves a small amount, even if hungry
SleepingRequires as much darkness as possible to get to sleep
Personal DetailsBody TypeTypeWide
ClothingStyleWork Clothes
AccessorySmoking item/pipe
EducationHighest Level/EquivalentClassroom
Face/HeadEars – DescriptionShort
Eyes - ColourGrey
Eyes - Condition (Left/Right)Short sighted/Fine
Eyes – DescriptionUnfocused
Eyebrow ColourSame as main hair
Eyebrow ConditionUni-brow
Facial StructureHeart
Teeth conditionFilled/Altered
StyleSide Parting
Quirk & SecretQuirkVery touchy/feely
SecretHears voices from inanimate objects
Skin DetailsSkin ColourPorcelain
Skin ConditionScaly
Tattoos (assuming character has one)LocationUpper Arm – Left
ColourAll black
QualityMinor errors
ReasonDared to get it done
TypeBird - dove


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