Gladiator Arena Generator

Arena combatants are those participating in great games and spectacles involving gladiatorial combat. Normally a fight to the death, but the one in charge can decide to let a popular gladiator fighter live, or condemn them to a painful and bloody end.

Another Orkish Blade guest generator. See the thread on which is was created here.

Arena & Gladiators
ArenaThe arena is...A circle of rope surrounded by spectators and a few cages.
The games are being held...In honor of a recent military victory.
The main event is...A duel between two arena champions.
The day’s champion wins...A position of honor in the sovereign’s guard.
The crowd is made up of mostly...Local peasants and unskilled workers.
The crowd’s attitude is...Hostile and tense.
Individual GladiatorsThe gladiator is armored in...Nothing.
The gladiator is wielding...A huge axe.
The gladiator fights with...Unpredictable lurches.
The gladiator is...A prisoner of war.
The gladiator fights for...A chance at freedom.
On the gladiator's face is...A nose ring.
On the gladiator's body is...A tattoo of a skull.

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