In Jewish folklore, a golem is an animated anthropomorphic being, magically created from clay or mud. Many others have been made from other materials, such as flesh, or clockwork. They all follow the commands of their creator or others that use the correct method, sometimes literally…

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Golem Details
CommandMethodShout at the golem
ClassPriest or Cleric
Description/FormForm/shapeBurrowing creature
Decoration & DetailsConditionOld but well maintained
DecorationArmour - Plate
Defense/AttackMelee – hands, tail, etc.
EyesNone, just pits or shapes that resemble eyes
MouthWide but thin
PowerA magic scroll in its head
Intelligence RatingIntelligence Rating50%
MaterialPrimary MaterialOther Metal
MovementMovement TypeRunning
Voice/CommunicationVoice/Communication methodHigh pitched
Purpose/TaskPrimary PurposeProtect child/children
Quirks & FeaturesQuirks & FeaturesReflects damage is taken from fire/heat



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