Insult Generator

Need to have an insult thrown at your characters or wish to really get on the bad side of those you are facing up against?

DwarfenYou two-bit mucus-oozing ugly dung-munching dingle berry
You incompetent toad-licking mangy dung-munching bolt-catcher
You blithering tree-climbing water-drinkin nit-picking gas bag
Ya hopeless nib-chewing shaven spit-weaseal
Ye small-time second-rate hammer-dropping jaw-breaker
ShakespeareanThou beslubbering hedge-born knave !
Thou spongy sheep-biting barnacle !
Thou churlish rude-growing haggard !
Thou venomed ill-breeding pumpion !
Thou spongy flap-mouthed nut-hook !

Now updated to include the insults you can make from Insult Generator – Dwarven Edition.
and Insult Generator – Shakespeare Edition


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