27 November 2020

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Insult Generator

Need to have an insult thrown at your characters or wish to really get on the bad side of those you are facing up against?

DwarfenYou prattling piss-drinking porridge-eating blithering fuzzpot
You lightweight pee soaked whiny coward
You sleazy beer-spilling pigeon hearted insect
Ya revolting weasely willow-waisted shoe-chewer
Ye prattling dog-faced little gnat-ridden osquip
ShakespeareanThou villainous common-kissing coxcomb !
Thou mewling common-kissing puttock !
Thou odiferous sheep-biting Basket-Cockle !
Thou mammering reeling-ripe scullian !
Thou ruttish hasty-witted jolt-head !

Now updated to include the insults you can make from Insult Generator – Dwarven Edition.
and Insult Generator – Shakespeare Edition


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