Insult Generator

Need to have an insult thrown at your characters or wish to really get on the bad side of those you are facing up against?

DwarfenYou craftless mangy weak-armed dirt-eater
You jumped up poetry-reading nib-chewing bugbear
You useless pointy-earned web-foooted numb-nut
Ya craftless jelly-boned penny-licking smudge-rubber
Ye lilly-livered incompetent penny-licking goblin-faced troll-lover
ShakespeareanThou froward base-court dewberry !
Thou vain fool-born moldwarp !
Thou beslubbering hasty-witted giglet !
Thou dankish rude-growing barnacle !
Thou cockered fool-born nut-hook !

Now updated to include the insults you can make from Insult Generator – Dwarven Edition.
and Insult Generator – Shakespeare Edition


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