Knights Generator

A knight was a professional heavy cavalry soldier in the Middle Ages. They were the top soldiers to the kingdom, and protected it at all costs. Knights worked for lords, who in exchange would give them land if the knight would fight for them. Knights thought honour was very important, and they had a code of honour called chivalry. They always had a coat of arms, also called a crest.

Another Orkishblade generator brought to you from this reddit thread.

KnightsThe knight’s house’s colors are...Dark grey / gunmetal.
The knight’s house's symbol is a/an...crocodile.
The knight has sworn to a noble lord or lady to...Avenge that person’s grievances.
Above all else, the knight values...Honor.
The knight is armored in...Plate armor.
The knight’s armor is…Shiny and new.
The knight is wielding...A longsword.
The knight’s mount is...A reliable courser.
The knight is...A daring swashbuckler.
On the knight’s face is...A jagged scar.
The knight carries…A blade with beasts sculpted into the steel of the guard
RetainersThe servant is...A squire from a powerful noble house.
The servant works for...The training and advancement opportunies.
On the servant’s face is...A foolish grin.


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