Lifeform Generator

Although this generator is aimed at sci-fi settings, it can be used in other genres as well. There may be a few contradictions, like no visible ears in a human style, but such is the nature of random generation – Use it as a challenge and try to explain why such results occur. All this species needs is a name worthy of it.

Base TypeInvertebrate - Hard
Typical Lifespan10 + 1d10 years
Primary Communication MethodSpeech/ Vocalisation
Secondary Communication MethodElectro communication
LimbsNo limb change
Inteligence/IQAverage 1d20+90
Reproduction methodEgg layer
Reproduction cycleWithin 2d2 weeks
Physical Description
Eyes2 eyes (On side of head style)
NoseStandard for base creature type
Ears/style2, side of head /Hooded
MouthHumanoid type
Body ShapeAmoebae/Blob-like
Skin/MarkingsThick Hide with Other on it
AdvantageNatural Armour
DisadvantageMovement based vision

The information presented here is expanded on, explained and detailed in “Multiverse Kit 4 – Life

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