13 June 2021

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MagicTech Concept

This particular generator covers Magictech, technology from a universe that has magic and figured out how to combine the two. Some may make more sense than others and levels of potency will vary from technology to technology. Some may also be banned , like the infamous Gnomish Dissipator.

Get the PDF this was based on HERE or HERE

This generator made using the perchance system

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2 thoughts on “MagicTech Concept

  1. Orcish harmonizer & shielding consoul were grate magictec names generated by the enneadgames.com magictec name generator how I am going to define the use of the orcish harmonizer: is a war trumpet with a brainwave manipulation effect it also has a +8 to all orcish war bards it also deals 353 hypersonic sound damage to anyone or anything within the 81mile blast range any creature or character must successfully accomplish a DC of 44 or higher or first succumb to madness then mind control the orcish harmonizer is golden colored with a multiple tiny lights down the orcish harmonizer which are black and red and green the colors upon a orcish war banner or province flag orcish harmonizers cost 234gp in the magic tec aile of a magic shop
    and the shielding console:I have decided to have it be as such.
    is a magictec a anti magic anti damage magic force field generator when activated it repells magic and missalanious damage with a concussive energy blast and has 64 layers of dome like shielding each requiring a DC of 91 to break with any sort of damage the effect has a 771mile range protecting all within a 771mile magic force field dome and the devise its self ie the shielding console is 5inches long 2 inches wide silver with a glowing magical crystal at the top and a colorful varity of buttons 32cm in size and a on and off button all buttons also glow
    A shielding console cost 142gp,sp,cp however most magic shops will sale them for 35gp if you arrive at 9am when most magic idium shops open in my d&d5e campaign

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