25 November 2020

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Merchant Caravan Generator

A caravan is a group of people traveling together, often on a trade expedition. Caravans were used mainly in desert areas and throughout the Silk Road, where traveling in groups aided in defense against bandits as well as helping to improve economies of scale in trade.

An OrkishBlade guest generator. The original Reddit thread on which it was based can be found here

Merchant Caravan
GeneralThe caravan is...A wagon train.
The caravan’s pack animals are...Large Draft Horses.
The caravan is transporting...Gemstones - Jade
The caravan’s general mood is...Foul; morale is bad, and provisions are low.
Caravan MasterThe caravan master is...A charming rogue.
The caravan master is looking for...The location of an ancient ruin.
The caravan master is taking special care to avoid...Wild beasts.
The caravan master carries...A superbly crafted sword.
Animal HandlerThe animal handler has...An awkward gait.
The animal handler wants to...Have a drink and a rest.
The animal handler carries...A few copper pieces.
CookThe cook greets you with...A glass of water.
The cook is looking for...A good joke or story.
The cook carries...A filthy rag.
GuardThe guard is...A veteran of warfare.
The guard works for...The steady pay.
The guard has...A token from a favorite harlot.
GuideThe guide is...A nomadic herder.
The guide is looking to...Fill his purse with gold.
The guide carries...A large knife and some rope.
MerchantThe merchant is...Of common birth.
The merchant seeks someone to...Negotiate a trade contract.
The merchant carries...A compromising love letter.
The merchant will trade in...Shells, beads, and trinkets.
TravelerThe traveler is...An exile.
The traveler is searching for...The answer to a riddle
Tonight, the traveler is looking for...Accomplices on a quest.


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