20 September 2020

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Military Squad Generator

This generator page will cover various aspects of military squads.

NicknameThe Wild Barbarians
Common InfoThe company’s colors are...Brown / beaver.
The company’s banner features...A skull.
The company’s commander is...A disgraced knight.
The company’s attitude toward their
commander is...
Respectful and business-like.
The company specializes in...Siege-breaking.
The company is notorious for...Cowardice.
Most soldiers in the company are
outfitted with...
Helms and breastplates emblazoned with the symbol of their liege lord.
Most soldiers in the company are
equipped with...
Longspears and shortswords.
Most soldiers in the company are...Green boys.
IndivdualsThe soldier is...A failed craftsman.
The soldier fights for...A chance to deal out sadistic torment.
On the soldier’s face is...A frame of long, beautiful long hair.
The soldier carries…A blade with a carved hilt.


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