Demon True Names, Use Names and Titles

Demon True Names, Use Names and Titles

Demons come in many shapes and forms. One particular aspect mortals have trouble with is their names. Combined with the fact that knowing their true name can often give you power over them, most demons have a second name, commonly called their use name.

Sometimes mortals or other beings also give these demonic beings a title to go along with their name, which can help spread fear or tell you more about who you are dealing with.

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True NameUse NameTitle
#1cc-zhak ee'cc-dh'idu bh'beyi aereapmaim greenhelmThe Storm
#2nuruuxybhxzabebyaomuzaglopwrack cackleglutThe Mocking
#3hl-za-llnibblewhip fleshwarThe Spiteful
#4euiy xstarefang bloodslobberThe Cruel
#5eroabiaaiyrhksgzcogdrinkhate maulgruntThe Pain-Bringer


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