Disease/Malady Names Generator

An old trope of fantasy and medieval games and settings is that of diseases and malady. This generator is to give you a quick two-word name for your affliction and is handy for when you need to whip up a quick malady to inflict on your characters. You just need to decide what the symptoms are, how infections the disease is, what possible cure there might be etc.

Designed mainly for fantasy/medieval games, there is nothing stopping you from using this to create the use name of disease and afflictions for a sci-fi or modern setting, as we in the modern world still do. E.g. Black Death, Scarlet Fever etc

Disease/Malady Name
#1Yellow Toes
#2Warped Torture
#3Broken Carbuncle
#4Winter Ecstasy
#5Unholy Heat
#6Summer Infirmity
#7Puking Leg
#8Ghouls Frenzy
#9Sniffling Melancholy
#10Northern Collapse

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