28 November 2020

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Korean Name Generator

Korea is an East Asian territory that is divided into two distinct sovereign states, North Korea (aka, DPRK or Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) and South Korea (aka, ROK or Republic of Korea). Korean mythology consists of national legends and folk-tales which come from all over the Korean Peninsula. The origin may be a blend of Korean Shaministic religion, Buddhist, Chinese myths, Confucian and Taoist legends and myths.

Like many Asian countries the name of those from Korea are presented here as [Family]-[Given], as opposed to the [Given]-[Family] name format found in many western cultures.

Jo Sung-hyonJue Nun-Hel
Na Seong-shinChon Seung-Hwa
Jue Eun-seongHwang Chae-P'il
Sinn Soo-kyungI Kyung-Waa
Byun Su-daeKwak Hong-Chul

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