Norse Name Generator

The Nordic countries make up a region in northern Europe – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden as well as their associated territories. In many fantasy and historical games, these regions are home to the Vikings and Norse warriors, feared for their skills in battle.

Note: “son” means, surprisingly, son  and “dottir” means daughter – So that Orrsdottir would translate as “Orr’s Daughter” – The names reflect the immediate father (sometimes the mother) of the child and not the historic family lineage.

Dalla HagalsdottirHromund Melnirsson
Grima GellirsdottirKarm Ulfsson
Ragnhild OrrsdottirHogni Ivarsson
Gyda HakonsdottirAudun Hrodmarsson
Jorunn HrollaugsdottirFjolvar Lambisson

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