Vampire Name Generator

The name of a vampire can strike fear and terror in those that hear it. But what is that name?

The names these tables create will have a mixture of western-modern and fantasy feel to them. This is to reflect that many vampires are quite old and some might say arrogant, with the very names, such as “Doom” or “Bloodbath” and the fact they come from many backgrounds. Some names have Dutch background, some French and other countries.


Vampire Names
Female NamesMale Names
Mira DreadmistKane Tombwolf
Neferata CorneliusLuther Dirgeheart
Nissa VorkinkJulius Wolfe
Destiny DoomVersum Lessard
Ethelinda CarpathiaPhaeron Ebonwolf


This generator uses information originally found in Quick Generator – Vampire Names


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