23 September 2021

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Wild West Names & Nicknames

The Wild West era focuses on the Western United States in the second half of the 19th century. It was a time of gold rushes, cattle rustling and of course, the so-called Cowboys.

There were also robbers stealing that hard-worked for gold and silver, women that wanted a shot at fame and much more.

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Wild West Names
#Female NamesMale Names
#1Rosalee "Buck" FettermanBennet "Stumpy" Haddock
#2Ursula "Bishop" MackMorgan "Cramp" Thatcher
#3Roxy "Dead-eye" SlocumCassidy "Black" Greenwood
#4Theresa "Black Rock" EastwoodAlonzo "Ugly" O'Bannon
#5Helen "Two Rivers" QuinSam "Firewater" O'Loughlin
#6Euphemia "Wrongway" YoungAlbert "Pale Rider" Edmondson
#7Odessa "Kid" WellsVincent "Demon" Loughman
#8Nora "Blameless" HetheringtonAlbert "Whip" Bernett
#9Maxine "Blue Belly" PembletonObediah "Vulture" Morris
#10Rosalee "Bronco" O'KaneDudley "3 Fingers" Buckingham


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